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Engineering Physics Introduction and Specification

Has physics always fascinated you? If you are an aspiring engineer then engineering physics would be an evident subject for you. As known to any science student, physics is the study of the complex and basic interactions of matter, energy, space, and time. Engineering physics is a subject that combines basic engineering topics with those of fundamental physics and mathematics. Generally, there are two categories of physicists. Experimental physicists are those who at first consider potentially interesting and unknown aspects of physical systems, and then prepare their experiments to study the nature and behavior of these systems under controlled conditions. Whereas, theoretical physicists are those, who attempt to find the mathematical relationships that characterize the behavior of physical systems, which are guided by experimental results.

Engineering Physics basically emphasizes on the application of the basic scientific principles to the design of equipments. This again includes knowledge on electronic and electro-mechanical systems, which is used in measurements, communications, and data acquisition.

Engineering Physics has many subcategories like Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics which involves the study of atoms, the nuclei of atoms, and elementary particles, Bimolecular Physics which involves the study of the physical processes of biological systems, Condensed Matter Physics which involves the study of the behavior of atoms when they combine to form liquids and solids, including the study of magnetism and superconductivity and also Astrophysics which involves the study of the properties of astronomical objects such as stars, black holes and planets. Apart from these topics other optional like Fluids and Plasmas, System Analysis and Control Theory etc are also studied within the topic. We at Expertminds hold a firm belief that graduates having thorough background in engineering physics will easily find jobs in research, technology development, and optics and software sectors of industry. Apart from these, graduates may also be employed by universities, government laboratories and companies.

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