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The Civil Engineering course is concerned with the creation of constructed facilities. The Civil Engineering activities deal with planning, designing, analysis, construction, maintenance of buildings, rail-road, highways, canals, water ways, dams, power-house, water-treatment ,sewage disposal system, docks and harbors, tunnels, and bridges.

Did you ever wonder how a sky scraper despite so much height doesn’t fall? How a dam gets constructed deep inside the sea? Here comes the role of a civil engineer. Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines that have never gone out of demand. This is a profession that involves planning, designing and executing structural works, and it comprises of a wide variety of engineering tasks including designing, supervision and construction activities of public works like roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, dams, water works, sewage systems, ports etc. It is the collective efforts of many talented civil engineers that keep you awed when you view those giant skyscrapers, or when you come across an exquisite hotel, or an expensive shopping mall. Civil engineering has been for long one of the most sought after professional degree.

A civil engineer is responsible for planning and designing a particular project, implementing his plans accordingly and taking the project to the required scale, and the steady maintenance of the product. Because of the kind of jobs he has to deal with, a civil engineer requires not only a thorough knowledge of his subject, as well practical skills, but also very good supervisory and administrative skills. The planning part of a civil engineer’s work involves investigation of site, feasibility studies, finding out solutions to complicated problems that may arise during the actual designing of the structures. These professionals have to work keeping in mind the guidelines laid down by the local government authority and also get their plans approved by the relevant authority. Apart from these, they may also require to prepare budget estimates and set up construction schedules. Construction scheduling would involve dealing with the clients, architects, government officials, contactors and the supervision of work according to the standards. They also need to take into account the maintenance and repair of the project.

The major specializations that are seen within civil engineering are: structural engineering, water resources engineering, environmental engineering, construction engineering, transportation engineering, geo-technical engineering, etc. In most of the big projects, many civil engineers work as a team or in coordination with many other engineers. Our team at Expertminds believes that a sound knowledge in civil engineering will offer a multitude of challenging career opportunities. One can find work as a supervisor of a construction site or at a managerial position or in design, research as well as teaching in government services or private concerns. He can also work as an independent consultant.

Civil Engineering opportunities exist in both private and public sectors in large scale in different branches of design, construction and maintenance. As construction work is growing with time, civil engineers demand is also increasing and student is taking part in civil engineering courses.

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We Cover Following Areas in Civil Engineering

1. Strength of Materials

2. Building Technology
3. Surveying
4. Structural Analysis
5. Fluid Mechanism
6. Civil Engineering drawing
7. Hydraulic Machinery
8. Geotechnical Engineering
9. Transportation Engineering
10. Environmental Engineering
11. Operations Research
12. Water Hydrology
13. Remote Sensing
14. Construction Engineering
15. Coastal Engineering
16. Environmental Pollution Control Engineering
17. Finite Element Method