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Chemical Engineering course deals with the study of petroleum refining, Processing of Food, Agricultural Products, Fertilizer Technology, Synthetic Food, Petrochemicals, Fibers, Coal and Mineral based Industries, prevention of Environmental Pollution, Design and Construction of plants for these processes. Thus the scope of chemical engineers is in both public and private sectors. The opportunities for chemical engineers are in design, development, fabrication and production, control of chemical and processing plants.

Chemical Engineering Introduction & Specification

Chemical engineering is a subject that explains the ways in which selected raw materials can be changed into useful and commercial end products. It involves the studying and analysis of these raw materials, their properties, and also the design and development of various equipments along with the evaluation of operating processes. Chemical engineering encompasses an enormous range of size scales in an integrated and systematic way .This scale can range commonly from atoms to oil tankers.

Chemical engineering shares its name with chemistry because it is actually the application of chemistry at the industrial level. The study of chemical engineering has been on the rise because of the necessary practice of transformation of materials to useful products at large scales in order to substantially improve the human living conditions. Such large scale transformations are also carried out to produce other useful forms of energy, which is also a part of the production houses of the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries.

Chemical engineering has much broader scope as compared to the other branches of engineering; because it stresses on the three core engineering foundations which are mathematics, physics, and chemistry-whereas the other branches are based on just the first two. A specific interest in chemistry combined, with an aptitude for math and science would make a perfect combination for an individual to join this profession. The curriculum of study for chemical engineering is same as that of chemistry, except that it also includes course work in engineering-related topics such as thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, process design, and control and electronics. We at Expertminds believe that Chemical engineers will have bright futures as they have a variety of options to choose from after specialization. They may work in companies involved in the production of things such as food, plastics, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, metals and glass. Many chemical engineers will also find employment in environment protection as well as reclamation or cleaning up of contaminated sites, or in research laboratories, chemical plants and petroleum refineries. Other major employers of chemical engineers would include manufacturers of basic iron and steel products, organic industrial chemicals and the mining industry.

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