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Biotechnology, does this term sound familiar? If yes, then you are right. Biotechnology is in, and it is here to stay! Biotechnology is a branch of applied biological science that uses living organisms and manipulates them by using various modern techniques. Biotechnology finds applications in so many different areas like pharmaceutical industry, food industry, dairy industry, and many more. Genetic engineering as well as tissue culture technologies are some of the new modifications of this field. The whole concept includes a collection of procedures by which living organisms are modified for the production of substances by which mankind will be benefitted. New varieties of transgenic crops have come up by employing innovative methods of biotechnology like breeding programs, genetic crossing-over, artificial selection and hybridization. In comparison to biotechnology, bioengineering is usually regarded as a related field with its emphasis being laid more on higher terms and it is not directly related towards modifying living beings.

Studying biotechnology will make a student concentrate on both the pure biological sciences like botany and zoology, as well as the allied subjects that include genetics, microbiology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, cell biology. In addition to these, a fair amount of knowledge on many topics from outside the sphere of biology like chemical engineering, bioprocess engineering, information technology, and biorobotics will also be imbibed.

To talk more of this field, let’s just have a glimpse of the many achievements that have been obtained in this emerging field. We are presently dwelling in the era of genetics; because by now scientists have figured out ways by which they can manipulate genes and transpose them from one species to another. These sorts of manipulations collectively come under what we call as genetic engineering and the practical applications of this field have no boundaries. It is just a matter of picking the right option as per our needs and implementing it. Taking the example of production of the hormone insulin. This hormone as is commonly known to everyone is absolutely necessary for people who are diabetic. The traditional insulin that was extracted from the pancreas of pigs and cattle was helpful, but most diabetics unfortunately develop an intolerance or allergy to this insulin. But thanks to genetic engineering, now the same insulin can be produced from human cells, thereby eliminating any problem of intolerance or allergy. So, we at Expertsmind, truly believe that joining the course of Biotechnology Engineering will not only positively mould the career growth of an individual, but it shall be a great contribution to the mankind itself by being part of such noble endeavors.

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