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Biochemical Engineering Introduction & Specification

Biochemistry is rightly called the ‘Chemistry of Life’. It is central to all areas of the biological or life sciences. Have you ever thought why are French fries fried in oil, and not water? Did you know that a spider-web and a Kevlar jacket have the same tensile strength? These are some of the fascinating facts you will come to know about if you read biochemistry. Studying biochemistry will provide a thorough understanding of each and every aspect of the structure and function of living things even at the smallest molecular level. In a layman’s words, it is a crossover between chemical and biological worlds.

Biochemical Engineering is a medieval branch between chemical engineering and biological engineering that mainly deals with the design and construction of unit processes that involve biological organisms or molecules, such as bioreactors. Biochemical engineering is often taught as an elective option to chemical engineering or biological engineering as there are a lot of similarities in both the background studies of both the subjects and problem-solving techniques used by both the professions.

Biochemical Engineering will essentially involve studying simple enzyme kinetics, and its applications, the immobilization of enzymes, the technology associated with bioreactors that help in production of enzymes, antibiotics etc. The applications of this field are very vast. Biochemical engineering is used in the food, feed and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and water treatment industries. We at Expertsmind believe that extraordinary advances in the life sciences have great potential to improve the quality of life through better medicines, tastier and better nutraceuticals. Biochemical Engineering provides the foundations for transcribing such exciting new discoveries into products and processes for improved health and wealth for the mankind. Besides, a student with the necessary skills will have rewarding careers if he/she enters this field.

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