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Agricultural Engineering Introduction & Specification

Agricultural engineering does not simply mean only fruits and vegetables obtained from the fields. Agriculture has come up with a different look now. When you open a packet of chips, did it ever strike you how come they still taste so fresh and crispy no matter when you munch them? You may be feeling very comfortable in a nice cotton shirt during the summer; but did you know that an agricultural engineer was behind this comfort? Isn’t it striking, that the land still remains fertile even when it is known, that planting too many crops can drain the essential minerals from the earth? When water is needed for both irrigation and for animal and human intake, how is the balance maintained? What is the secret behind using a small area of land to produce maximum number of crops and give high yield with minimum resources? Here are some ways agricultural engineering will help you answer these questions.

Agricultural engineering is all about the environment and the natural resources around us. Agricultural engineering generally defined comprises of four main branches, namely (i)Farm implements (ii)Rural structures (iii)Soil conservation, drainage, irrigation and (iv)Rural electricity.

The major task in the field of Agricultural Engineering is the application of technological and engineering tools to increase the agricultural production, yield and efficiency, to improve the quality of product while at the same time preserving the quality of the environment. Agricultural Engineering is applied in the development of lands for new agricultural projects. It is responsible for implementing ideas which can enhance the agricultural production by optimizing irrigation, drainage and soil conservation. This department accounts for the development of new production and control systems such as greenhouses and also automated post-harvest processing methods. India, being the second largest gross producer of fruits and spices has such promising future for the students of agricultural engineering.


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