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Operating System (OS) is a software as layer of software which is installed in computer machine that performs technical aspects of computer machine.

Conceptually operating system is a layer of software that drives computer hardware.

Operating System is classified as the number of task performed simultaneously.

1. Single User / Single Task Operating System
2. Multi User / Multi Tasking Operating

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We are following topics under OS help

1. Concept of Operating System
a) Resources and Sharing
b) Black Boxes
c) Protocols
d) System Overhead
e) Caching

2. Hardware

a) C.P.U
b) Memory
c) Devices
d) Inturupts,Traps,Exceptions

3. Software

a) Resource Management
b) Spooling
c) System Calls
d) Basic Command Language
e) File Systems
f) Multiple Windows

4. Single Task Operating System
5. Multi Task –Multi Users Operating System
6. Process and Thread
7. Memory and Storage
8. Networks, Services and Protocols
9. TCP/IP Networks
10. Security ,Design Consideration

Important Topics in Operating System

Introduction to Operating System
Operating Systems
Interrupt and Software Interrupt
Hardware Protection
Operating System Components
Operating System Services
Entry Points into Kernel
System Calls
Operating System Structures
System Design and Implementation
Unix/Linux Directory Structure
Directory Structure
Operations on Processes
Interprocess Communication
Dual Mode Operation
Cooperating Processes
Unix/Linux IPC Tools