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To manipulate or to display information according to our needs in graphical form either via a printer or on a visual-display unit or plotter. We use two kinds of computer graphics to work vector graphics or on- raster graphics.

Vector Graphics: Vector Graphics are used when we need to work on paths; it is used to generating paths in the drawings.

Raster Graphics: when we need to work on pixels we use Raster Graphics, it is combination of pixels. Raster images are generally known as bitmap images.

To draw an image on computer, we may specify logical pixels or physical pixels. Logical pixels are the mathematical points. Logical pixels are specifying a location but they are assumed to copy no area, in the other hand Physical pixels are the actual dots that are represented on the system.

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There are so many interesting topics that will be studied in the computer graphics, some of them are as:

Introduction topics are as below:

The two most common Rendering Algorithms | Fundamental Elements of 3D Graphics | Cameras.

2D scan conversion topics are as following:

Line Drawing | Video Raster Graphics | 2D Clipping | Polygon or Scan Conversion.

3D Geometric Transformations topics are as below:

Inversion or Composition | Derivations | Transformation as a change of basis | Co-ordinate system in the Graphics pipeline | Rotation about an arbitrary axis | Using Transformations.

Projection or clipping topics are as:

Placing the camera | Introduction to Projection Transformations | Derivation of Projection Transformations | 3D Clipping | Volumes Transformation

Following are the Visibility topics:

Visibility Algorithms | Back-face culling.


Illumination Models topics:

Global Illumination | Local Illumination Models | Ray Tracing

Curves and Surfaces topics are as following:

Parametric Surfaces | Parametric Curves

Under computer graphics some other topics are also study:

Animation | Sampling | Color Representation | Texture Mapping | Graphics Hardware | More on Modeling | Volume Rendering | Computer Graphics Standard