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Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science. In other word it is the intelligence of machines which aims to create it. Artificial Intelligence is the design of intelligent agents, where the intelligent agent is a system which perceives its environment and takes actions that can maximize its chances of success.

In the Artificial Intelligence we do research under this topic that is technical or specialized. Some critics are decrying the fragmentation of the field. We may further classify the subfields in Artificial Intelligence that are arranged around particular problems, that is longstanding theoretical differences of opinion and the application of particular tools.

There are some Problems which we can study under Artificial Intelligence or AI:

Deduction, Knowledge Presentation | Reasoning or Problem Solving | Learning | Planning | Natural Language Processing | Perception | Motion or manipulation | Creativity | General Intelligence | Social Intelligence

Some Approaches of AI are as follows:

Traditional symbolic AI | Cybernetics or brain simulation | Sub-symbolic AI | Statistical AI

Some tools we also used to solve the AI problems are as follows:

Logic | Probabilistic and statistical learning methods | Search or optimization | Neural networks | Specialized languages | Control Theory

Logic programming:
Logic Programming was introduced in Artificial Intelligence research in Advice taker proposal. It is a very simple, easy, complete or entirely algorithmic method for logical deduction that may be easily performed through digital computers.

Logic word in logic programming is used for solving the problems or to represent the knowledge, but it may be applied in to other problem solving.

In Artificial Intelligence we use several different forms of logics for research:

Propositional Logic or Sentential Logic – it is the logic that are expressed in terms of true or false.

Fuzzy logic – in fuzzy logic the truth of the statement may be represented as a value between 0 and 1.

Non- monotonic logics – these are the forms of logic which are designed to help with default reasoning.

First Order Logic – this type of logic allows the use of predicates or quantifiers. It can also express facts about objects, their properties and their relations with each other.

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