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States of matter is a part of chemistry that explains the properties of distinct forms and phase of matter. The most commonly defined states are solid, liquid and gas on earth.

Solid state in which matter contains a fixed shape and volume; liquid state is defined in which matter has a fixed volume but follows to the shape of its container; and gas state is the state in which matter expands to occupy whatever available volume.

The study of states of matter are also distinguished by temperature and pressure conditions, transitioning to other phases as these conditions change to favor their existence; i.e., with an increase in temperature solid transitions to liquid.

It can also be defined in terms of phase transitions. A phase transition means a change in structure and it can be recognized by change in properties abruptly.

The intermolecular relationship also distinguishes state of matter. For example solid state in which intermolecular attraction maintains the molecule in fixed special relationship volume. Liquid state in which intermolecular attractions maintains molecules in proximity, but do not maintain the molecules in fixed relationships. Gas state is state in which the molecules are comparatively separated and intermolecular attractions have relatively little effect on their respective motions.

Plasma state is a highly ionized gas that occurs at high temperatures. The intermolecular forces developed by ionic attractions and repulsions create these compositions distinct properties, that is the reason plasma is concerned as a fourth state of matter.

Three classical state of matter  

Solid State
Liquid State Solid StateNon Classical States

• Glass
• Crystals with some degree of disorder
• Liquid crystal states
• Magnetically ordered
Low-temperature states

o Superfluids
o Bose-Einstein condensates
o Fermionic condensates
o Rydberg molecules
o Quantum Hall states
o Strange matter

High-energy states

o Plasma (ionized gas)
o Quark-gluon plasma

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