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A solution is a homogeneous mixture which is composed of two or more substances. In the mixture, a solute is dissolved in other substance; this is called as a solvent. The solvent makes dissolving property. Thus solutions are homogenous mixture that consists of one solvent and one or more solutes.

What is meaning of homogenous mixture?

Homogenous means that properties of mixture and components are uniform throughout its entire volume. In usually, substance presents in greatest amount than solvent. Solvents may be gases, liquids or solids. There are other components present in solutions other than solvent are called solutes. A solution has same physical state which is maintained by solvent.

Types of Solutions
  • Gas
  • Liquid
  • Solid

  • Gas: In case of gas solvent, only gases are dissolved with given set of conditions. For example of air (oxygen and other gases dissolved in nitrogen) is a gaseous solution.

    Liquid: In case liquid solvent, gases, solids and liquids can be dissolved.
    Gas in Liquid: Carbon dioxide in water, Oxygen in water

    Liquid in Liquid: ethanol in water

    Solid in Liquid: Sucrose in water

    Solid: In case of solid solvents, gases, solids and liquids can be dissolved.
    Gas in solid: Hydrogen dissolves rather well in metals, palladium

    Liquid in solid:mercury in gold, Hexane in paraffin wax

    Solid in solid: Alloys like bronze and many others, Polymers containing plasticizers.

    The ability of a compound to dissolve in other compound is called solubility. When a liquid is able to dissolve completely in other liquid the two liquids are miscible. Two substances that cannot mix to form a solution are called immiscible.A solution has a positive entropy of mixing.

    Some of physical properties like melting point and boiling point are changes when other compounds are added. They are called together as colligative properties. There are many ways to quantify compound’s amount dissolved in another compounds collectively called concentration. For example molarity, mole fraction, and parts per million (PPM).

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