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Physical chemistry is the field of chemistry that deals with the study of atomic, macroscopic, and particulate happenings in chemical techniques in terms of concepts and physical laws. Physical chemistry employs the practices, ideologies, and concepts of physics like motion, energy, time, thermodynamics, force, statistical mechanics, quantum chemistry and dynamics etc. Physical chemistry, in contradiction of chemical physics, is primarily a supra-molecular or macroscopic science, because the greater part of the principles on which physical chemistry was based are perceptions associated with the immensity rather than on atomic/molecular arrangement only; say for instance colloids, chemical equilibrium etc.

A few of the relationships which physical chemistry tries to determine comprise the effects of:

1. Intermolecular forces on the physical characteristics of materials that are tensile strength, plasticity, surface tension in liquids etc.

2. Reaction kinetics taking place on the rate of a reaction.

3. The individuality of various ions on the electrical conductivity of materials.

4. Electrochemistry and surface chemistry of membranes.

Moreover, physical chemistry is an experiential science. Conventionally, there are three most important fields of physical chemistry namely:

1) Thermodynamics : Thermodynamics deals with the energetic of various chemical reactions

2) Quantum chemistry: Deals with the structures of molecules

3) Chemical kinetics : It is concerned with the study of the rates of chemical reactions

And this field is the branch of chemistry that sets up and expands the ideologies of the subject. Its thoughts and conceptions are used to give details and deduce interpretation on the chemical and physical properties of matter. It is also necessary for mounting and understanding the modern techniques and methods which are used to decide the structure and characteristics of matter, for example biological membranes and new synthetic materials. In physical chemistry we study of the physical base of phenomena associated with the structure and chemical composition of substances. It has been divided into two levels, the molecular level and the macroscopic level. Acquaintance in physical chemistry obtainable nowadays gives a affluent, complete analysis of the world of molecules and atoms that combines their nature with macroscopic characteristics and phenomena of substances and materials. A preliminary point for a beginning to physical chemistry is the perception of energy levels in molecules and atoms, distributions amongst these energy levels, and concerning temperature. It can convincingly be asserted that a lot of parts of physics as well as the entire part of chemistry are incorporated within physical chemistry. In addition, this is the subject in which the majority of the chemistry students first have the chance to produce/synthesize what they have studied in physics, mathematics, and chemistry curriculums into a rational outline of knowledge.

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