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Photochemistry, a discipline of chemistry, which deals with the study of chemical reactions proceeding with the absorption of light by molecules or atoms for example photosynthesis, the formation of vitamin D with sunlight and the degradation of plastics.

Light is described with a type of electromagnetic radiation, or a source of energy. Grotthuss–Draper law states that light must be absorbed by the chemical substances in order for a photochemical reaction to take place. For each light photons absorbed by a chemical system where no more than one molecule is activated for a reaction or photochemical reaction, as defined by the quantum yield.

Chemical reactions are occurred only when necessary activation energy is provided to a molecule. For example combustion of gasoline into water and carbon dioxide. In this type of reaction, the activation energy is provided in form of spark or heat. Light provides the activation energy in photochemical reactions. Thus light is one of good mechanism to provide activation energy in many reactions.The absorption of light photons by reactant molecule may also permit a reaction. It provides necessary activation energy.

Applications of Photochemistry

Many important processes use photochemistry principle. For example photosynthesis, in which most of the plants uses solar energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose, disposing of oxygen as a side-product, formation of vitamin D.

Typical photosensitizers involves methylene blue and tetraphenylporphyrin. The resulting singlet oxygen is an aggressive oxidant, capable of converting C-H bonds into C-OH groups.In photodynamic therapy, light is used to destroy tumors by the action of singlet oxygen.

Many polymerizations are started by photoinitiatiors, which decompose upon absorbing light to produce the free radicals for Radical polymerization.

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