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All chemical reactions take place in mixture or solutions. The solution chemistry is a very important part of chemistry and it plays very important role in studying physical chemistry.

The chemical substances are formed either polar units which is called ions or non polar units. The activity of these entities is more pronounced or evident in solution and the behavior of these entities depends on their nature and conditions of the medium where they are mixed or added. Thus it is necessary to know about the principle that governs their behavior in solution.

Ionic equilibrium is observed in substances that undergo ionization very easily, or observed in polar substances where ionization may be induced. Polar and ionic and substances are easily soluble in polar solvents due to ease of ionization taking place in the solvent medium. In short, the dissolution of polar and ionic substances in the solvent, these solutions become rich in mobile charge carriers called ions and can conduct electricity. Substances, which are capable of conducting electricity, are known as electrolytes while those substances which are non-conducting are known as non-electrolytes.

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