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Introduction of Electrochemistry

Electrochemistry is the part of chemistry that mainly concerned with chemical reactions in a solution at the interface of electron conductor or ionic conductor and that involves the study of electron transfer b/w electrolyte or species and electrode in solution. The topic electrochemistry is very conceptual and interesting. Chemical reaction that is driven by an external voltage applied as in electrolysis or in other cased voltage is created by a chemical reaction then it is known as electrochemical reaction. The chemical reactions in which electrons are transferred b/w molecules are known as oxidation-reeducation reactions.

In contrast electrochemistry deals with the case where oxidation or reduction reactions are separated in time or space and connected via an external electronic circuit. Thus we can say that electrochemistry is the study of interchange of electrical and chemical energy and oxidation and reduction involves exchange of electrons from one to other chemical species.

Live Assistance, Help with Electrochemistry

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