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Theory of Coordination Compounds

In chemistry, a metal complex or coordination complex is a structure consisting of an ion or central atom, bonded to a surrounding array of anions or molecules (complexing agents ,ligands). The atom inside a ligand which is directly bonded to the central atom or ion is known as donor atom. Polydentate ligands (multiple bonded) can form a chelate complex. A ligand donates atleast one pair of electrons to the central atom/ion.

The compounds which contain a coordination complex are known as coordination compounds. The central atom or ion, together with all ligands forms the coordination sphere,

Coordination means to the coordinate covalent bonds (dipolar bonds) between the central atom and ligands.A complex implied a reversible association of atoms, molecules or ions through such weak chemical bonds. Some metal complexes are made virtually irreversibly and many others are bound together by bonds that are quite strong.