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Chemical kinetics is a branch of chemistry that basically deals with the rates of reactions, mechanism of reactions and the factors that influence it.


Rate of Reaction: It is determined as speed to covert reactants into products.

Average rate of reaction= (Decrease of concentration of reactants/ total time taken) + (increase of concentration products/ total time taken) -ve sign means decrease of concentration of reactants and +ve sign means an increase of concentration of products.


Thus for a reaction in general term n1 A+n2B+n3C+…… = m1X+m2y+m3z…….


Rate of Reaction, Chemical Kinetics Assignment Help

Rate of reaction at particular time instant is called instantaneous rate of reaction. It is very useful and defined as change of concentration in any reactants and products in small time interval.

Rate of Reaction = +(dx/dt) or –(dx/dt) Unit Concentration Time-1

L-1 T-1

Topics under Chemical Kinetics

1. Introduction to Chemical Kinetics
2. Rate of Reaction
3. Laws of Mass Action
4. Rate of Constant
5. Collision Theory and Reaction Rate
6. Factors influencing the reaction rate
7. Molecularity
8. Order of Reaction
9. Various Orders Reactions
1. Zero Order Reactions
2. First Order Reactions
3. Second Order Reactions
4. Third Order Reactions
10. Methods for determine order of reaction