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Liabilities on the other hand represents the amount owed to others in form of loans, extensions of credit or any other obligations arising in the course of business.

Types of Liabilities

• Current Liabilities

Current liabilities are defined as the debts that occur outstanding within the period of one year subsequent to the balance sheet date. Such type of debts generally need cash payments to other unit, and they frequently have the term "payable" as fraction of their given name. Accounts payable are defined as the sum payable to sellers by a firm that has bought stock on a credit basis. Interest payable highlights interest that has accumulate on notes payable or other interest-bearing payables from the period when the most recent payment was done by a firm; such form of payable might be integrated in a common section termed as accrued expenses. Apart from this, other current liabilities consist of anticipated guarantee payments, taxes payable etc.

• Long-Term Debts

Long-term debts are the ones that come unpaid over one year following the balance sheet date. They embrace mortgage payable, bonds payable, and long-term notes payable, each of which carry a particular maturity duration and date. Deferred income taxes payable might also be included in this particular section. A deferred income tax payable, normally occur from an item that is taken away on the income tax return previous to being stated as an expenditure on the income statement.

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