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Defining Journal

Journal has been derived from the French word Jour means day so journal news daily .Transactions are recorded daily chronologically in the book together with its short description. This book is known as journal. It is used to show the relationship between two accounts connected with the transaction. This facilitates the transaction to be posted in the ledger. So it is rightly said that journal is the book as simply assistant of ledger. Transactions are first recorded so it is called a book of original entry.

A Journal entry is an analysis of the effects of a transaction on the accounts, usually accompanied by an explanation. Therefore, a journal is a tool for analyzing and describing the impact of various transactions upon a business unit. Before a journal entry is passed, it is necessary to decide for each transaction, what are the accounts involved. It is also necessary that the accounts to be debited or credited are identified.

• Journal is the first successful step of double entry system.

• Transactions are recorded on the same day it takes place, so it is a day book.

• Transactions are recorded date wise so it is a chronological book.

• For each transaction name of two concerned accounts is debited or credited are clearly written in two consecutive lines. This makes ledger posting so easy

• Narration should be written below each entry.

• Since the transaction is recorded chronologically so it can be easily traced.

• For each transaction there is no possibility of any transaction being omitted.

• Journal shows complete story of a transaction in one entry.