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Defining Articulation

The word articulation generally tells about how the pieces of something are joined together;


How bones are linked to make a skeleton

• It is a sequential process that has an opening, mid and end all these parts should be harmonize

• (In accounting perspective) Articulation means that the income statement (PNL), statement of retained earnings (RE), and balance sheet are link together in a self-balancing fashion.

• The income for the period is placed into to the statement of retained earnings, and the closing balance of retained earnings is placed in the balance sheet. This resultant linkage causes the balance sheet to balance.

Articulation is financial relationship between different events and transaction like from transaction it will be

• Journalized

• Posted

• Transferred to trial balance

• Relevant effects are taken to the financial statements

• Incorporating adjusting and closing effects

• Finally matched in trial balance

One step articulates in another step and over all process is called articulation

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