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Accounting problems under debit and credit and capital recognition are mostly used in fundamental accounting theory. The concept of debit, credit and capital must be clear initially for learning accounting subject. Sometimes students stuck accounts debit – credit and capital theory and problems. are working for students in help of students by solving their accounts debit, credit and capital theory based problems with qualified and experienced accounting experts assistance. We provide accounts – debit credit assignment help, accounting homework help, determine capital problems solutions and accounting projects assistance with best possible answers.

ACCOUNTS –Debit and Credit

Every transaction has a double effect provided that it would be a monetary transaction. That is a basic concept of double entry system. In financial accounting every Dr has a corresponding Cr, it is just a book keeping that is to record a financial transaction. Dr is called the left hand side and the Cr is the right hand side of the ledger account.

In modern accounting approach five accounts has a nature of Dr or Cr i.e.

Expense Dr

Asset Dr

Capital Cr

Income Cr

Liability Cr


Debit: Increase in Asset

Credit: Decrease in Asset


Debit: Decrease in Liabilities

Credit: Increase in Liabilities


Debit: Increase in Expenses

Credit: Decrease in Expenses


Debit: Decrease in Capital

Credit: Increase in Capital


Debit: Decrease in Income

Credit: Increase in Income

In traditional accounting system three accounts are maintained

Real account

Nominal account

Personal account