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Values and ethics are very much related in the work place for human beings because it creates capacity and it helps in improvement of leadership skills and abilities. It also helps in improvement of the performance and brings the decision making theory and the decision making goals in the organization. Values and ethics helps in developing the human behavior, the origin and scope of the human values which adds values and ideas in the human behavior and also in the human application of power. It illustrates the framework of the systematic approach of managers and leaders who can perform well keeping in mind with all the positive effects.

Values and ethics in human resource management are very much related to each other because the company’s main motive, the company’s goals are all remain same with each other. The values and ethics in work place matters a lot for the degree of flexibility, for the style of culture traditions and also to follow the best way of management techniques in the organization. It remains constant when it gets continued by the management hierarchy because it provides the continuation of management and it goes on and moves on as per the level of management.

Values and ethics are very much related to each other and it is very much related concepts which let us know about its importance, about its techniques, about its uses and benefits that matters a lot for the people who are working in the organization, that matters a lot who are associated with the organization and that is what matters most is for the benefits and uses of organization and also the capabilities of the management and its people. Values is most important in the organization because it talks about the stability of the organization, it does not say about the complexity, misconceptions, misunderstandings and misbehavior but here value talks about the morals, the culture, the importance, the growth and development of the people who are working in the organization and so on.

Values related with behavior which describes about the behavior of an individual which talks about the values, about the behavior of an individual who respect each other, it is related with the concept of respect and individualism which says about the people who respect each of an individual in the organization and they maintain dignity and respect which express the best and wonderful culture in an organization, which talks about the organization goods and about the goodwill and reputation of the organization so values and ethics matters a lot. In terms of culture, when there is full respect for an individual, they get high source of effort for business, and then clients feel good about the strategy.

Values talks about the core values of an organization when someone shows professionalism attitude and when company grows with high integrity. It is related with the vision of the company and also honesty and values matters lot. For example: when we look at Wipro, Mr. Premji have done a great job to maintain the integrity of this high known reputed and esteemed organization where culture values comes first and really matters. Values also can be related to the importance when someone gives importance to other’s true feelings and other’s true honesty as well as innocence.

In case of work place when if employees are feeling problem in their work, from the work place they decides to go to the senior management or authority like HR people to discuss their issues and concerns and if that person will not be given an opportunity and freedom to speak, if that employee will not get the right to tell their views and ideas, opinions they will not feel bad but if the same person if gets the full freedom, full opportunity then surely they will feel valued, surely they will feel good and motivated. The environment will be high on energy and also there will be lot of motivation in the mind of the employee for that work place which will help both the perspectives and also it will help the employee to sustain and become stable in that organization because the values, the morals, the ethics all are been given to that employee. So for sure this organization focus on both the two terms which are important and understand the feelings, the issues and concerns of each employee.