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Value Creator:

In business there are lot of people who are some or any how associated with the organization like the employees who are working in the organization, without them organization would not be able to deliver the value to their clients, to their customers. In business, suppliers are associated with the company who is supposed to supply the high quality materials so there will be no rejection of goods or products by the clients, by the customer and then the main people who are associated with the company is investors who will need the good value from the company because they have invested they will receive the same. Value creation is typically based on providing the high quality products or services to the customers it creates the innovation, uniqueness of the company and also it helps the organization in achieving its goals and objectives successfully. Organization can become a value creator by providing high quality products or services to the customers it creates the innovation, uniqueness, outstanding services, innovation, energy, imagination and many more.

Thus trust matters a lot when there is a chance of business from customer’s point of view and motivation is the first priority when there are employees related with working environment. We are taking an example of Coca Cola how it created a value in the minds of the people. There are various steps which will define in brief.

Coca Cola is the leading company dealing in Beverages, manufacturing carbonated drinks and serving all around the worlds over the past decades. Coca Cola is an umbrella Brand under this there are many other brands comes in the market Thumps up is one of them and well known and most popular among all. Thumps up are not introduced by Coca Cola this is basically bought by Parle G. Now the company’s mission is to refresh the world in mind body and spirit and they always made a difference. They have a strategy of developing the business worldwide very successfully. They have shaken their hands with a bottler company and they have made a partnership for their bottling activities which start with. The bottling activities takes place like the below diagram and the steps mention below are followed by the company.

The methods that are used by the company are defined below:

1. Collecting all the empty bottles from retailers

2. Wash and clean the bottles and make it purely fresh

3. Send those fresh bottles to the company plant

4. Company refills all the bottles

5. Company does the Packaging work

6. Company does the Branding

7. Distributing these fresh and ready bottles to the distributors

8. Distributors send it to the retailers for final consumption or an activity.

Change is significant and continuous process so Coco Cola have applied the change that is they started with the taste of the consumer, then the supply chain management process of the system the competition the expectations the external as well as internal chain to earn the profit and to make the difference.

They changed the water efficiency as per the consumer taste and preferences.

Water is the main ingredient and importance for the Coco Cola company and for that they need safe and pure water efficiency as well they need to think about the safety point of human beings who are his target market. For getting the pure water and fresh water they have made their hands along with WWF (World water forum) who reduces the bacteria recycle and replenish the water which becomes safe for the company as well as user. The consequences used by the Company are. They are basically dividing activities for bottling activities to the second party. The company is doing outsourcing the activities to the second party. The company is only involved in packaging advertising branding and marketing strategies and marketing campaigns. The company has divided their works to different partners whom they have hired. That reduced the use of external water sources. Segmenting targeting positioning etc has done by the company which is useful and beneficial for its business activities. They have been able to maintain the infrastructure the market and the expansion which is more than twenty cities they have introduced a new products which became successful. Their strategy which says “Think local act local “which became very supporting. Their bottling facilities with the government services have become joining hands for them. The facilities have been able to maintain the ingredients and drinking formula as well international soft drinks in Shanghai. It did not worked because Coca cola contains a lot of sugar quantity which is very harmful for old age peoples and they should think something for them so their business could not get affected with this harm and society beings could be safe and protected by these drinks if they take.