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As it is the most important part from the point of work place or an organization to achieve the goals and success, the most important criteria is company should hire high quality of trainer who possess good knowledge of business and knows about the company’s perspectives as per the goals of the company, they should have knowledge of industry level for business performance, they should also possess the characteristics of strong communication skills and have the ability to express their views, ideas and opinions so they can train people accordingly. They should have the strategy of understanding the industry situation, market situation, value of the market, value in the industry, they should have the skills and talents of communication and speaking in the company language which can impress the clients, customers or even the top management because if they will be upset by any of our employees bad behavior then company can get into loss. They should also have the ability to implement their planning for best outcome in the company. They should also possess good characteristics, intellectual minds; convincing power and growth strategy so can win the hearts of the employees and make them able to achieve the development.

When we talk about the service industry, the service provider should ask customers about the requirements to remedy a service failure because it is the most important thing for any business and poor or bad service can lose the company and can break the goals of the company. It can resolve the issues of bad service. Customer service is very much important for the success of business and company. Appropriate service recovery would be to provide good incentives to the employees and give them proper training and guidelines which will improve the poor customer service. The approach really matters to fix a customer service problem and there should be some measurable steps need to be taken which includes the proper and clear communication with the customer about the problem, so you can easily identify and determine the useful resources to resolve the issue. If your customer is not lifetime of a business then also add cost of labour charge because it will give the better service to the customer. If your customer is your potential customers then offer them a small discount as well as maintain the good word of mouth of your company which will not add unnecessary complaints from the customers. They have got the training from their organization so they can do well in terms of achievements as well as development and growth.

For example, if we talk about Dell, Dell is customized service provider in its industry and work. It has increased consumer preferences for mobile devises by focusing on actual needs and customer requirements. They collect input from customer then produce the devices which create a product development on the basis of customer requirement which is known as innovation procedure. They build a customized product and build trust so that becomes easy to use the product/fulfill actual needs of the customer. They also apply the strategy of E business which helps in increasing a preference of the customer which to this great brand. They provide high training sessions to its employees for achieving the company’s goals and objectives and also can achieve the growth.

The top three customer relationship building features associated with Dell site are:

Processes: Processes help in winning the hearts of the customer and satisfying them.

People: They focus on maintaining good relation with team members and so do employees respect their customers and make a strong relationship. There is always a two way interaction goes in Dell.

Technology: They have a high policy to associate the right work to the right people which help them to successfully reach their customers and deliver them the best and help Dell to achieve its major goals.

Their training always make their employees able of learning all the above three parameters.

Marketing channels like booking resorts, hotels and the destination point of the tour group operators. Print media and television like hoarding, information which helps to locate the destination point. There are so many television channels like discoveries etc which show the location and destination of places along with full information. Travel guides like magazines, newspaper world news provide lot of information about places which tourist wants to visit. They get knowledge, deep sense of judging the place where they are going, the proper budgeting, cost, resources, the beautiful places for sight-seeing, the information related to hotels, availability of the basic necessities available there or not, the features of the hotel or a resort, food availability, cost of materials, shopping centers etc. from various channels today tour group operators get knowledge about any place they are interested in through the help of different channels where they get proper and complete information while sitting in home itself. These channels support tour group operators in deciding and choosing for the place. They have also got training from their company so they are very much able to perform their task.