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Stress management talks about how one manages the time and manages the level of stress so they can get good opportunity with the level of work they are doing and the level of performance they are showing.

For example we can say if we are starting any new business it should be certified or registered for our major growth and for the business point of view. We have to legally complete all the documents before starting our business because it values and it matters a lot. As we deal with any client he or she wants the proof of our business so that for future prospect we don’t have to run for any kind of services. It is one kind of a stress creation when we all the time run for the same activity to achieve something and in behalf of that we are not achieving any success.

A very good example to explain the stress management is I as a writer believes am that an insurance company supposes an example of kotak insurance. To offer our policy and to offer the investment plan an investor will first look his profile his certificate his identity whether he is a royal person to believe him or not? If he is lying to me or saying truth? So the certificate identifies the person’s value person’s identity to achieve more higher and lead to success That’s why today parents focus on to their children’s higher education because time once go will never come again and the degree which we can collect now won’t be able to do tomorrow. In same way it really matters a lot in an organization and in a business. To explain , we can suppose an example that when we search a job and when we leave the past organization when we are running for an interviews the company will look for the certificate and marks first today also rather than talent one needs to be a graduate at least for getting an offer letter. It is a pathetically very difficult task which creates sometimes lot of frustration and how to manage these works is to manage the stress is known as stress management.

It’s not bad both for company’s point of view as well as student or an employee because in future if the auditor’s come to audit for the company and give the feedback then who will be responsible ? The company and its management so from the above mentioned points we came to know about the subject of discussion.

Stress can be managed by defining a specific goal because the employees who are working for the development of an organization will really feel frustrated if they will not achieve their level of satisfaction, if they will not achieve their goals and if they will not fulfill their targets. Yes, there will be significant advantages to creating meaningful and lasting change if we used managers or internal organizational development staff to facilitate the meetings.

A meaningful is a term which has a worth and it is used in terms of usefulness and if we use managers or internal organizational development staff to facilitate the meetings because a manager and internal organization development staff plays a role of most responsibilities in the company and in the meetings with a manager and organization development staffs the company will get to know about the fact of issues, concerns, works, manpower and other related problems and conflictions in the path of achievement and goals. They work for the company and together they are forming a team who plays a responsibility for common goal there is no differences between their goals and ambitions. They will be open-minded and more interaction will be happen which will be very helpful in terms of knowledge as well in terms of reaching the goal. There will be a significant change because trust and understanding will develop which will help in meeting the goals as well as there will be an involvement and participation as well.

Thus stress management can be handled by the help of proper goals, proper co-ordination among the group, motivation sessions, it can be reduced by the help of fun exercises in the work place and in the work environment from the management so they can be able to handle all the stress and feel free from stress. The session of various activities where employees can feel relax and motivated helps the management to maintain the stress.