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Steps of Selection Process: HR Guide

What is the process of selection?

The selection process is based on the following parameters in the organization. When there is opening in an organization, organization look for people, as per the process, as per the department and they schedule their interview accordingly which makes them know about the job vacancy, job opening and help the candidates in performing so the HR basically deals with this process and completes all the necessary details of the process of selection of the candidates as per the process and methods. They apply certain principles for selection of the candidates and give the position to the candidates as per their requirement, qualification; eligibility, experience and necessary positions and they specify the specific job to specific employee so they can perform better. Selection process is not that easier to perform because this task requires lot of skills as per the level of screening the students. This is a very challenging and a difficult task or a job to select and reject the candidates in the interview process because it requires no heart in the field and only requires the interviewer to think from their mind and apply the tools and necessary strategies for making this concept clear. This process helps the company in filling the suitable employees with suitable positions to perform the task and duties in the organization. Selection is not same as recruitment because it talks about choosing the best and the right candidate for the position, for the vacancy and for the organization. It requires the candidate should possess skills, abilities, knowledge, eligibility, qualification and many more.

What are the tools applied in the selection process?

The selection process has various tools applied:

1. Announcement of the job position

2. Acceptance of the application forms

3. Screening tests of the candidates

4. Screening of the application

5. Written tests / Process of examination

6. HR rounds / Employment face to face interview

7. Medical process

8. Letter of appointment

These are the basic eight steps a company basically applies or follows to go through the process of selection. This process requires very hard core knowledge, abilities and skills so that the right candidate who deserves the job can get the job offer and not the one who does not deserve this offer.

Now slowly I’ll explain about all these terms in a brief so it will be easy for the HR lovers to understand the terms and concepts easily in a precise way.

1. Announcement of the job position: when there is a position vacant in the organization, company announce or declares the position by the help of news papers, by the help of internet, by the help of job sites, by the help of various consulting sources and also they disclose the position by the help of television and radio channels if there is an urgent requirement in the company.

2. Acceptance of the application forms: The application forms which the number of candidates have applied when they sent to the company in the following given address in this major sources for being in touch then they accept few of the forms they feel is suitable as per the job experience of the candidate, as per the residents / address of the candidate and so on. The application forms get selected if the person matches all the criteria of the company and fulfills all the requirements.

3. Screening tests of the candidates: When company accepts the application forms of few candidates, he wants to meet with the people he have selected or talk with the people through phone for their screening tests so they start making them a call for further process and define about the company and brief the candidates with all the necessary details and also about the position.

4. Screening of the application: When the company feels that some of the resume is not matching the minimum requirements of the position in the company, they screen those resumes as per the minimum qualification, minimum experience or minimum knowledge and so on.

5. Written tests / Process of examination: When the company calls the candidates and select few of them for the written tests as per their process, as per their knowledge and also as per the number of position available in the company, they call up candidates for giving the written interview so they can judge more about the candidates suitability and candidate’s stability in the organization.

6. HR rounds / Employment face to face interview: After they select few of the candidates in the fifth round they focus on the HR rounds which is basically known as the final round in the company where one thinks and feel that they will now got selected but it is exactly not like that because company has now also lot of tests left and exams left where they can reject you if you lose your level of confidence and patience so they focus on HR round basically to know about the expectation level of the employees, to understand the employee and also to know about its joining period or notice period.

7. Medical process: the company then arranges the medical process which is important for the work place.

8. Letter of appointment: After clearance of all the tests, the candidate who passes successfully with all the tests, with all the criteria gets an offer letter and known as the employee now rather than candidate.

Thus the selection process includes basically these of the above steps and procedures.