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Relationship is something which is needed in the work place for better performance and for achievements and goals. Generate ideas about how you can move toward making the leadership team more independent. What would you have to see happen or what evidence would you look for to see that you can terminate your relationship with the team without any damage being done? Provide your thoughts about with which projects the consulting group should be involved. You know you could help with them all, but what is ethical?

First of all a leader is one who use to lead his or her team and his job is not to do the team’s job but he use to assign them a particular job or a duty with certain deadline and give them a direction as well but don’t make them being dependant on him because that creates a conflictions as nobody should feel he or she is a slave but there should be flexibility and independency.

The proper communication with better understanding of subject and ideas cannot damage anything and the relationship with a team also will be terminated. When the person is creating a clear picture about the ideas and thoughts what all the members are thinking then there will be no damage. There should not be any miscommunication, any conflictions; any fraud etc. there should be no false commitment which one should do with their team.

The thoughts about with which projects the consulting group should be involved are:

Target to each employee so that no involvement and dependency can happen in the middle of the work. If we take an example of Deloitte Consulting group they have involved in engagement planning, selection of the team, roles and responsibilities of team members client participation, activeness of their employees background and qualifications of key people. They interact with their people with the proper communication level sound strong in strategic decision to enforce the consulting team with high profile and high background with good communication skills and experienced employees. I know i could help with them all, what is ethical.

Dedication, hard work is the major and very important role in a workplace but after all there is one more thing that matters that is – relationship management .for example all types of kirana stores etc, in a village builds a strong relationship with their all customers.

Yes relationship does work in any services that a professional provides because it gives a positive impact to the customer and services.

Professionalism and relationship both are equally important in any profession and in any work.

Professionalism is important but we can’t sale or give service to our clients without having good relationship with them. We have to build a strong and mutual understanding .we has to treat them well for our future and further use. If we segment and target any customer or if we have any good customer we have to build that relationship that we never lose that client who can provide us with more good contacts.

If we sell any product or market our goods then people who try or want to try our products for their uses then they definitely look the behavior of the professional or service providers that if he can serve well if the brand the company is good in terms of all respecting future the customer will think in this prospect that he should not face any difficulty while trouble using products.

For example : if we buy Honda city then his sales people as well as his service man’s attitude matters at the time of purchase.

Because he will definitely observe and make the perception how well the sales people treat with him since he puts his legs in his place whether the receptionist wished him the greetings or not ?in 3 – 5 minutes whether the office boy served him a tea or not? It matters for every customer. And for a sell people every customer is like a God to him. If we treat him well then we will get more than what we expected and we ‘I’ll definitely reach to success. So the relationship leads to our goal. And today it’s the topmost known automobile sector in front of world. People are crazy to go with Honda city, Civic, Accord, and CRV which gives better services as well as features.

And we can take the example of an insurance company as well like Max New York life Insurance which provides better services to their clients. They serve them well from the time of introduction and after the closing of policy because they believe the main job of ours start after the sales.

So we have seen from the above examples that how relationship works in an organization to achieve the major goals and success.