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Planning of an HR will be such that there will be total and optimal utilization of resources in a proper way. An HR will have the restaurant business plan in detail and she or he will be the best person to decide on how to invest the precious amount in which side of the coin? He or she will think and plan accordingly the cost should invest where so that a company can earn good profits through the help of an HR. Not only she will think and plan about the money part but also an HR will fully concentrate on motivation part, training part, hiring part, company maintenance, salary of an employees, marketing strategies, financial strategies, cleanliness and healthy environment, complaints and queries of customer part etc. When we talk about the restaurant, where HR will have to recruit for a new restaurant there are several process of recruitments.

A general manager who will be the top most criteria in this business who will instruct and guide his juniors and many people. He will see the work in all the departments. His role will be to manage the stakeholders and shareholders as well as relations of the community. He will observe the work and will manage the various departments. He wills timely report to his senior manager and to the director of this business about the company growth and profits. He will also inform the stakeholders about the profits earned by the company through this business because stakeholders are the most important leg of the financial backbone and to run the company in an effective manner. A general manager salary will be defined as per his experience and knowledge at least he should have an experience in this field of fourteen years so he can manage to lead the team properly and his salary will not more than 40000 Rs. per year and his qualification should be Management in business application with hotel industry stream.

Finance and administration officer should be there in the new business whether it is any business because finance and administration officer will interact with the food manager for the preparation on-going maintenance, the daily financial files and reports etc means he will look for the daily expenses, sales and correctly accurately as well precisely input them in the files as well also maintain a soft copy along with the hard copy because this will be safe and a finance officer job is the most important and he will also look for value added tax, remittances, payroll etc as well he will also look for the product cost which will be healthy as well as bearing. He will co-ordinate with the management for annual budget so can prepare him with time with full descriptions of finance. He should be proficient in accountancy with a minimum qualification of graduate in commerce and accountancy. He should be well with excel as well and must have five years of experience in the same field with the same industry so he can learn well and understand the finance of the company well. His salary will not more than 18000Rs. per year.

Security and maintenance officer will be there who can protect the guests and their properties, who can protect the environment, the luxury used & the infrastructure, who can protect the training rooms, the storage areas etc. his minimum qualification would be school level and should carry the license of security course completion and his salary will be 5000Rs. per year.

Sales and marketing officer should be there who can judge the best possible areas for advertisement and for better market strategy and plans so that more number of people can be aware of this business. This team will do the research in particular location and nearby surroundings so that the business can earn much profit. He will be given a particular target and he will be given some source of client data and details so that could be beneficial in doing a research and arranging a survey and a questionnaires. He will maintain the discussions and meetings with the client and basically he will relate with the field work who has very little amount of work in office. His minimum qualification would be MBA in marketing specialization full time course and he should at least have 3 years of working experience in the field and can get an amount of 23000Rs. per year. He will be very much aware of the target customers and also the competitors of him so he can apply the marketing strategy in that area and more customers walk in could be there in our restaurant and good word of mouth will be maintained by the help of front office executive who will be at the entrance and basically we will prefer a beautiful young female who can impress and attract more number of people as well tourist and greet them well with a very sweet voice with a sweet tone so that client will want to have their movement and food again at our restaurant. She will also maintain the proper list of the guest in the file as well in the laptop or desktop with full details like the house address, phone number, birthdays or anniversaries so that our messages could reach them on time and they can feel the value. She will also look for the restaurant environment and cleanliness part which will help the customer feel good relax and happy. Her minimum qualification should be college graduate & does not need any experience except good-looking and good communication skills and she can at least expect 8000Rs. per year.

Food manager who is the most important in this business who will look for the food beverages like the organization direction evaluation and beverage service and can ensure safety practices of health regulations and can successfully negotiate the supplier for food products etc and his qualification and experience should be two years in hotel industry and can expect 10000Rs. per year.

For any business to survive their needs a proper management team and staff who can handle the business as per the defined work and specific job so an HR does play these entire role very sincerely so that there should not be any loss to company at the end of the year. An HR should be ensuring about all the above mentioned duties should be played efficiently in a proper manner and cleanliness will be the major role. There will be office boy who will have the ideas of all the locations and can easily do a home delivery service so that he will take care of that and for any complaints and query, an HR will follow up. Thus an HR plays a great role.