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When an employee is associated with an organization, he or she looks for better growth, career and want to go for an extra mile. They define their path as per the company point of view. They try to give their best and in turn they also want to have the best because free of cost today we don’t even get a water to drink so there is a give and take relationship which have been going on since long and people also focus on this great proverb so employees in an organization basically takes the risk while coming to office for work and expects the same in return and profession always require a return so there is a responsibility attached to a management that he should give the best to its employees.

A good management always tries to enhance the skills of its employees by the help of co-ordination, proper training, developing their ideas and thoughts and managing them well. They reward him at the time of better performance with high awards, certificates, recognition like bonus, incentives, extra pay, promotion as per performance etc.

For the dedication of an employee a management always need to understand the employees that what exactly he or she is looking from us? What exactly he or she want from an organization? If the management does understood this then the employee will be trustworthy and more dedicated in his or her work. He or she will spare no pains regarding their duties honestly and whole-heartedly. They will do their work with full dedication and with full satisfaction.

To give a reward recognition creates a very good atmosphere in an organization or a workplace. People feel refresh, energetic and they also get motivated by these activities of the management and they also feel good and want to continue with the same work in an organization. There are lots of benefits which are attached to rewarding an employee. First the organization will not lose its potential employees and old employees who have an experience more than enough and they will have an experience employee in their workplace. They will not require hiring new employees and not need to give them training and invest in orientation and induction part for the new recruitments. So this is the major benefit associated with the organization.

Second he will have an experience employee in his organization and if he will get all the benefits, awards, recognitions he will not go for other organization and he will show all his talents to the same organization which will create an advantage for both the employees as well as the management.

Third the employees feel happy and important with the position he or she is getting awarded with and they feel fully satisfied after getting these recognitions. They feel that an organization is really admiring our hard work and giving value to our great work. They will always be in the hard times of the organization to show the best and the most important thing now will be discussed and that is the fourth important thing which says that

Fourth important thing is if employees are happy and satisfied after being motivated after getting all the certificates of award and reward, he or she will always try to help the organization to achieve its goals and will give the best to an organization to achieve the goals and objectives and to receive the high profits. Thus this is a role of an HR that he or she should always recognize the talented and hard working people for an organization because it will positively affect the organization and its goals and the organization can achieve its goals soon.

If the organization will support its employees in their hard times and if an organization will show a high importance to their people, their people will always be ready for the organization whether it is a rainy season or a summer season for the organization. They will not lose the character of loyalty, honesty and the attitude of wholesome attitude. They will always represent themselves with the name of organization in a reputed and esteemed way with good word of mouth which will create a business and next profit for an organization thus they will help the organization if the organization will do the same for them but on the same way if they will not get these facilities, gifts in festive seasons, appraisals, certificates, promotion for performance, high rewards for their better pay, for better job, for better behavior, for better attitude and for best achiever then they will definitely not present an organization with good word of mouth and which will be a greatest disadvantage for an organization because it will create a loss for an organization.

In some way, organization will lose its employees as well the potential and existing customers and good contacts which will be somehow negative part for an organization thus reward recognition is most important thing need to given to all who really deserve it and who really feel value of this who can create a business for this.