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Telecom also provides services but everything defined by the technology. This has technology driven base. It provides services for people who can communicate to long or short distance people without any effort. Telecom services fulfils customer needs by providing services like different plans , how to activate and new ideas and features new plans which can fulfill the wants of the customer. It is impossible without technology because the connections would not be possible without technology. They have different types of offers. They provide services in different sectors. They are known as CDMA and GSM in which GSM we can use all types of GSM sim cards like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Hutch, Idea etc and in CDMA there are options of services like RIM Tata Indicom etc. Cellular operators get substantial revenue from these services, and compensate them for reduction in tariffs on airtime, which along with rental was the main source of revenue. The reduction in tariffs for airtime, national long distance, international long distance, and handset prices has driven demand. Also they provide mobile and internet services with good tariffs plan. Technology is not important in consulting firm and recruitment services. They hire the manpower’s provide services like training and placements to these firms. Their strategy is to build face to face interactions focus on the activities of the work force to create the goals and took it as a challenge and steps to fulfill it. To understands the talent of the individuals and to put them in a certain job which is specific and for which the candidate is interested and talented. There are three types of skills which needed .that is technical, conceptual and logical which should be present in an individual to achieve the goal. They fulfils their expectations provides them a better future and better plans for their career. They serve them with better industries and organizations. They are engaged in various types of activities and they provide all the resources to finish it properly. They provide jobs to the needy as per their skills and demands as well as suitability they serve them with different types like for a bio student they provide them an opportunity to sits for an interview in a bio field and bio industry. For a student of management they provide jobs offer in banking sectors for finance specialized candidate and Human resource jobs to HR Specialized managers. They provide BPO sectors offers for an intermediate student who has just completed his 12th and have good and strong communication skills so they deal with all types of sectors and make the candidates prepare for screening and test and them HR round group discussions telephonic round and technical round as per their suitability.

I don’t feel the management resolved a lot of problems that occurred because it is still there as only one non managerial staff was there in the organization and was not at all satisfied neither with her job nor with the position she has given an offer by the organization.

The main and the most important thing which I found in this case is there is no team means there is no proper and systematic ways to organize and plan the systems accordingly. There is no workforce who is attentive and dedicated to their work. The girl whom she is giving the responsibility is so irresponsible that she don’t even understand the meaning and purpose of work. She is not at all dedicated and hard working in her job. She doesn’t understand her duties properly. There is no team means there is no candidate for specific job and specific purpose.

There is no time management in any work in this industry like no plans no goals for what next the future aspects and goals.

The need to be done to implement a system is:

Planning: It is significant to determine future personnel needs.

HR Planning can become a part of strategic planning at two ends. At the starting / beginning of the strategic planning there is a process of formulating the goals in terms of deciding whether the types and numbers of people are available to pursue a given strategy. There is a need to make resource allocation decisions, including those pertaining to structure as well as processes and resources.

Creating talented personnel means to make the jobs highly intellectual and they must attract and retain qualified and skilled personnel.

Managers should rarely operate a stable and predictable environment. Political, Social, and economic changes should be there in the organizations to affect the organizations and it lead to success.

There should be a healthy and energetic environment to control and continue the skills of the workers.

There should not be communication gap between the team leader and junior executive.

Implementation requires converting an HR plan into action. To take any action there is a need of high qualified and dedicated professionals.

There is a need of good hiring management and processes and if the person is good while assigning a task and a job to a candidate then there should be also a requirement of firing process if a candidate is not giving attention and potential in the task to finish it because he is not completing his job.

There is a requirement of motivation by the help of rewards and recognitions. A boss should not underestimate this policy which is very much needed because it helps to achieve a certain position and goals by the help of promotion and appraisals and performance pay.

There is a need of different departments where the work is divided like human resource management is just like a judge for a lawyer. Who gives justice to its employees A finance guy should be there and a sales team .there should be a technical team and a technical person who can compute the software very well and manage all the data ERP and SAP for example whichever software the company is using to include all the details from sales, purchase, accounts, telesales etc.

Last but not least there should be a security as well to maintain the structure the safety security the entry customers and exit customer’s lists in their database. Who maintain the attendance register for the employees who are not being in the organization in their timings?