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Motivation: Human Resource Management

When we talk about motivation we talk about inner energy and enthusiasm which we get by many ways in an organization. It can be internal or external. It helps to minimize the physical pain or physical pressure and it helps in maximizing the work rate. It is very much helpful in achieving the goal and it is necessary as well. It comes from person to person, it comes from things to person, it comes from reward and recognition, and it comes from basic needs and happiness.

When an HR always appreciates the good work and provides the reward and recognition which motivate the employees and also speak about the respect of others. It always believes in motivating its people because the environment becomes energetic and people feel refresh in work and the culture also become well.

Employees can be motivated by different means through different ways like:

A person can get motivate by the help of seeing hard work done by his junior or colleagues. He is inspired with the work environment and a person will feel more to work. He will feel more to achieve and fulfill the dreams and provide the best to an organization. An organization is the workplace where people spend whole the time of 9-10 hours of his precious time to just live a better life and to just survive.

You know in metro cities when we talk about India, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata, it is pathetically difficult to live a life after coming from 10 hours of job from multinational companies or business process outsourcing companies because you are so tired with the travelling routes, with the office culture, with the job timings and if you have a night shift, it’s very difficult to just go back home and awake for another night because you are very tired and there is no energy left in your body so motivation is an important part for an individual’s life. It gives an extra energy to live and to live happily.

In a workplace, an HR’s role says that he or she needs to retain all its employees and make the environment culture friendly with some activities, innovation, recreation etc. because if an HR do this he or she is helping an organization to achieve the goal with the happy employees. There will be an additional benefit to this because if your employee is happy you will get good job from your employees and if you motivate them for their performance then they will surely feel the same for your organization and will respect the work because for him one reward matters a lot. There are two types of people in a same organization: one who always wants to achieve a goal in terms of monetary benefit. He will always demand for an appraisal, extra money, incentives etc for his performance.

There is another kind of person who always think about rewards and recognitions in terms of non-monetary benefits like certificate from the director, a small video of his work style whole year which he can bring in home and saw to his parents and a lovable wife so that one can know about his real and hard work because he feels happy when someone appreciates him. Money is no matter for him but appreciation from his family is a best motivation from him.

An HR needs to understand what each employee thinks and how they will react after each situation and toughest scenario. An HR creates an environment as per he or she will want because an HR has full right to satisfy all its employees so an HR should create some fun activities like proper knowledge, better training, communication skills sessions with an experts. An HR should create a habit of belief that everyone is getting as per delivering means there is no person who is getting less from an organization but expectations are very high.

An HR should arrange a performance appraisals sessions each month or after every six months because it will help an organization to achieve the goal in a less amount of time. When employees will be happy he or she will do the work with whole heart and with full satisfaction but if they will not get the best they will not give their best. An HR needs to prepare some fun activities in one day of the week or for half an hour every day so that people can enjoy work.

An HR can make its employees play management games which are very interesting as well people will come to know each other and they will interact to their colleagues.

An HR needs also to do some sort of gifts and bonus in festive seasons like Diwali, Dusshera, New Year eve etc. An Hr should arrange some kind of activities and debate competitions or extempore, dance competition etc so that will be of great fun and people will get an opportunity to show their talents and they will not leave the organization because they are getting a chance to show their interests in front of public. An HR can think about incentives for the most / highest achievable target people who have done a great job. Thus an HR can do all these activities for motivating its employees which will lead to sustainability as well and which is better for an organization to achieve its goals.