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Models of HR, Strategic Tools & Techniques

The organization is not complete and is not able to achieve the core areas and values of the organization unless it is based on its recruiter. The business practices, the objectives of the business and the goals of the company basically focus on main areas like set of applications, set of needs of the business, set of practices and so on…HR always focus on the different tools and techniques of the job exactly when we talk about the business concepts and tools for achievements, for attaining the goals and benefits, for maintenance, for opportunities and improvements, for performance of the employees and exploring talent of the employees and many more.

When we talk about models of HR, we basically focus on the parts of the HR; we basically focus on the best practices of HR, the strategic tools and techniques of HR, the culture of an organization, the core values of the company about the team goals and also the benefits of the company, knowledge in the company, experience and expertise of the company, the values and the belief system of the team and between the group, the behavior of the employees, the understanding and knowledge level of the employees, the best resources in the company who can help the company in achieving its targets and goals, the development of the employees with various sessions of knowledge, trainings, management, values and increasing their growth areas and areas of practices, the recognition and rewards opportunities, the performance management all comes in the models of HR.

When an HR talks with the management then the management provides him or her with all the decision capabilities, power and authority so an HR can co-ordinate with the clients with the people who are related to the organization and also with its employees. An HR does the same for all the departments in an organization related to marketing, sales, finance, purchase, accounts, cashier, receptionist, services, spare, materials, production, manufacturing and any other so HR is playing just like a role of a judge in the company who does justice to each individual and also helps each employees in achieving the growth and development as well as the level of happiness and satisfaction which are attained by the employees.

The parts of compensation, payroll, salary, performance appraisals, bonus, incentives all decided by an HR of the company to make sure the work and the job has done well on time. HR decides compensation, payroll, salary, performance appraisals, bonus, incentives as per the job performance, work specialization and also the attendance part matters a lot in this model of HR.

HR is a person who plays a role of a judge where in an HR does justice to his people and tries for all possibilities to make them happy and satisfied. Managing people is his role and he is the most critical person in an organization because his job is to hire and fire, look for trainings, invest for betterment of the company. He is hired for an organization to reduce the cost and maintain the company goals so that he can continue with keeping in organization.

Planning of an HR will be such that there will be total and optimal utilization of resources in a proper way. An HR will have the interior design company business plan in detail and she or he will be the best person to decide on how to invest the precious amount in which side of the coin? He or she will think and plan accordingly the cost should invest where so that a company can earn good profits through the help of an HR. Not only she will think and plan about the money part but also an HR will fully concentrate on motivation part, training part, hiring part, company maintenance, salary of an employees, marketing strategies, financial strategies, cleanliness and beautiful environment, complaints and queries of customer part etc.

HR tries to make the environment energetic so that the entire team can continue working enthusiastically. An HR motivates his team for doing better job with satisfaction and happiness. An HR gives an appraisal after measuring performance evaluation and for the best work. An HR provides rewards and recognitions when any employee shows some talent or performance. An HR looks for training purpose if there is any candidate joining the company and in Interior Design Company when hiring a people for first time an HR will make the proforma as per the requirements. She will hire the trainer who have high knowledge and long experience about the field of interior design company like per defined the roles and position as well as salary etc. For opening a new interior design company an HR will basically look for his team so he can continue with the business because for a good and big business there should be a team and there need a proper communication and information about the company. So the models of HR includes the hiring part as per the selection of the candidates, the training part, motivation part, the part of salary and also the performance part.