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To define the mission and vision of the company, a company should address following questions: a) Nature of the business or what is the business and which sector company is dealing into? b) Who are the target customers for my products and services? c) What value we are introducing for the customers? d) What will our business be? e) What should our business be? These are some questions which playing very important role to construct or structure a mission for a company.

A company always focuses on these questions time to time and makes changes in the mission and vision to catch the best opportunities and growth for the organization. A company introduces a mission statement to create identity or image in the mind of their managers, employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders. By the mission statement organization motivate their managers, employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders to get the individual goal which also help to achieve the organizational goal.

It becomes very much clear in the organization to achieve the mission and vision with the help of its goals and achievements. The company’s mission strategy is important because it gives the idea about the company and its perspectives, it provides the main knowledge of the business, its products and services and so on. The mission of the company defines the company strategy in terms of achievements in terms of objectives and also in terms of goals.

Mission can be determined very easily but sometimes company face it is very complicated and it require deep understanding of the business, it requires thinking’s and also then it becomes easier to define it and it should not be so long it should be to the point and very clear in communicating about the business you belongs to, it should be very understandable by the thoughts and it should inspire anybody who goes to read it and who have some feelings about your company, it should express the sound knowledge of strategies and it also can be large but it should not be complex and should be very simple and short mission is always good. For example: Pepsi has a short mission determining about the coke “beat coke”.

Mission statement works like a sustainability of an organization which is the important part of an organization, it helps in the positioning part of the company. When we talk about coca cola, the company starts its business with a mission of refreshment that says that company wants to refresh the world with its product of thunder and also applies to the fact that it creates a value and makes a difference. The company’s vision comes in 6P’s which are people, portfolio, partners, planet, profit, productivity.

So it is a unique strategy and when we define mission and a vision, following points helps us to carry with these two strategies successfully.

Every company and every business has specific goals and mission or purpose as well as specific vision at the time of start of their business, with time this mission and vision, company may change to grab the market opportunities, advantage and to sustain in the market within a same business and compete from their competitors who are dealing in the same business (that is products or services). In terms of mission, every company has similar mission that is to become a global or an international leader in their business in the market but there is some uniqueness in all the company’s mission and the mission provides with high energy with the culture and with the employees of the company.

It creates positive energy and positive attitude in the minds of the people who are working with the company, the work becomes interesting when compared as the value of the mission and also the vision and mission helps in achieving the growth of the company. The work of the organization, the mission says about the particular action of the company, it talks about the result of the company from that action and looks for the work, for achievements for activities and it looks for today but vision when we speak is look for the outcomes that is for tomorrow. It talks about the company’s achievements in future point of view.