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The theory proposed by Abraham Maslow’s in the year 1943 who relate this theory with motivation. It is the theory in psychology and used basically for the better development of human psychology. This theory focuses on different stages of human development and it describes about the needs and wants of the human in daily life, their requirements etc.

The theory is divided into a pyramid of five phases and these five stages define the actual reality of a person. The pyramid describes about the self-actualization needs on the top, esteem needs below that, love and belongingness comes after that and then safety needs comes on fourth position and then basic needs which is the most important need and defined in the bottom of the pyramid.

This theory is a part of motivation and satisfaction of an individual. An employee needs all these five needs to lead and live a better life. One cannot live without the most important physiological needs that are the basic needs associated with the person where this theory says that a person cannot live without a basic need like food, shelter and clothing so air water food and sex are the most important need for a human to live and survive.

Safety needs is next need which describe about a physical safety of a human being. For example: war, terror, attack, natural disaster, or child abuse etc in case of human and in job also people look for these needs in terms of job security and job safety as the economic crisis is increasing day by day, people are not comfortable in home nor at offices so people and employees require needs like personal security, financial security health and physical as well safety for accidents security etc.

After the basic and safety needs gets completed then the need for love and belongingness comes which describe about certain key word like friendship, family and intimacy etc. Humans always want to be loved and they also need to love by others. Humans need to have a feel of love, feeling of passion at home at work etc so they want to have the feeling of the same to reduce the pressure to decrease the tension and a times of loneliness people feel to have love and want to spend some time with their beloved ones so love and belongingness are very much important to share their feelings, to understand about their thoughts which will decrease their pressure of job etc.

Then the next stage come which is esteem needs and this describes about the human respect and human esteem needs. It is a need which describe about a respect and recognition that is given to an employee for their work and for achieving this need one needs to keep his or her busy in some type of activities, in some type of job which will make them recognize in front of others etc. it describes the attention, prestige respect, name and fame, status, attention, glory, self esteem etc.

Last comes the stage of self-actualization in which the need for safety, love and esteem needs come which is very much needed and required for the part of motivation. This need helps the employees in understanding the values and importance of themselves that how the company value him or her in the particular job? This helps in the employees to understand about the particular security means which is needed for one in the workplace in the job to define the job and to successfully continue with the job so that the employees as well as his family / parents be happy always and be tension-free from all risks and dangers. This gives extra and additional motivation to the person who is working in the job and who is associated with the job role.

For example: if a person has gone for an interview in some international company like in the bpo or any IT company for the post of sales executive then he will need various needs for motivating himself. If he passes all the interview sessions and all the rounds of the exam, he will look for the options company is going to provide him or her. He will look for all the best opportunities and all the safety needs and purpose to continue with his job happily and satisfactorily.