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Diversity addresses many dimensions of difference other than race, ethnicity, sex, and age, statistical information on those dimensions is readily accessible. For many types of jobs, the percentages of minorities and women in the work force are substantially less than their representation in the working age population. Even though minorities and women are substantially underrepresented in particular "job groups" compared to their representation in the working age population, they are not considered to be underutilized for affirmative action purposes if the percentage they represent at the work force meets or exceeds their availability percentage for the particular job group.

Effect of the Involvement culture on the perceived management of workforce diversity would be stronger in countries characterized as low power distance and high collectivism. When we talk about United States, it is also a Low power distance country would see stronger effect of Involvement on workplace diversity perceptions than high power distance country because there would be less barriers present in the workplace that would interfere with integrating diverse employee

There is a major issue in workplace diversity and that is the issue of people because they focus on the differences and similarities between the people like geographic location demographic educational cultural profession etc. diversity brings the change because it helps in creating the healthy environment and also helps in managing the dignity and respect in work environment. Diversity has become an increasing topic of focus in the workplace. Demographic trends in the United States have led to increased workplace diversity which includes the following: There are more women in the workforce than ever before. Aging adults, many of whom are working beyond the typical retirement age multiple generations who have distinctive wants and needs Cultural differences such as locations, languages, and work and business ethics Other factors, which have contributed to the complexity of managing an organization and its human capital There are legal/regulatory requirements relative to workforce diversity. In addition, many organizations have developed comprehensive diversity programs to respond to these trends as well as to support organizational strategies. Population Aging represent the summary term for shift in the age distribution or providing an age structure of the population towards older age. Population affected by the industrialization and modernization. In Strategy Company should include and define their “Vision” clearly towards the diversity. Vision defined the futuristic view and showing the opportunities existing in the company .The Strategies that company have implemented or should consider implementing too effectively addresses the challenges and opportunities of workplace diversity is the vision of the company which needs to be shared with the team to ensure the challenges and inspiration build by this strategy implementation.. They should also focus on the motivation part which needs to be provided to the employees.

There is a lack of diversity in US I am taking the example of the firm which is come under top ten consulting firms in the world and is also situated in United States of America that have successfully implemented an innovative diversity program introduced by Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. Accenture believes diversity as a strength of its organization. As a global organization, Accenture is committed to responsibly and proactively engaging with the businesses that are reflective of the communities in which we live and Work. The Company Accenture established its US Supplier Diversity Program to develop and expand relationships with minority-owned, women-owned, small and other growing companies focuses on leadership pipelines, the recruiting process, and the career of each employee which makes the strength of the firm as well as the employee’s attitude in work. It is very much focused on the career of its employee’s. Accenture introduced Tier 2 Program, Increase the number of diverse suppliers in our contracting relationships on behalf of our clients, Create an infrastructure for shared relationships to jointly market; and Promote economic growth for a multitude of businesses.

As per Accenture Diverse Supplier are defined who has at least 51% Owned, controlled, and managed by minority, Woman and veteran. But these minority, Woman and veteran should be naturalized citizen of USA. As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our US supplier diversity achievements, we have established a mentoring program, the Diverse Supplier Development Program. As part of this effort, diverse suppliers are partnered with Accenture executives to learn more about our business and strategies to expand their businesses.

It provides very tangible benefits to the organization, including a deeper and more diverse talent pool; the ability to leverage broader perspectives, ideas, and experiences; and better alignment with the needs of your clients. It helps in the fulfillment of competitive environment. It helps in committing the success in an organization and prepares employees for high task which is strength to a company. It makes the environment friendly that builds flexibility. It increases the motivation and there is no communication gap. The company can easily achieve its vision of success. It creates an establishment and association of achievement in an organization which helps in strengthens the workforce.

It also creates a cohesion strategy technique and which is well integrated that helps in enabling the business in a high sustainability with ultimate position. It is clear with the help of the example of the biggest firm in the world who possess these characteristics and the example is given by me is Accenture.

It’s clearly present the clear view and benefits of the diversity and importance in the workforce and culture of the organization.