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Innovation and HRM

Innovation describes creativity, In terms of visual art, innovation belongs to a fine art and now we will try to describe innovation from the point of visual arts to define the innovation importance in an organization which expresses different types of activities and there can be no better place than a visual art institute for children who have talent of fine arts to nurture their talents. This art education has been established for students for art courses like unique and fine drawings, paintings, art & craft etc. it is an institute which will provide you a chance to show your opportunity in terms of your imagination and creativity. You will be given all types of training where you can learn the best of best. It is for the children of UAE who will be given an opportunity and a very soothing idea about representing and expressing their imagination in paper and gives them a life. Art is a theme of senses, emotions and intellect to express the aesthetics with a human creativity.

This institute is open for children defined on the basis of their age groups whose age groups will be categorized as per their ages and the classes will built on the basis of different age groups like children whose age belongs to 5-7 will be on one class, children belongs to 8-10 and 10-13 will be on different class because the teacher will provide the depth and scope of art accordingly and the course material will be defined on the basis of age groups.

It is a core subject where you will get knowledge from basic and you will be provided a deep & end-to-end education about art & its theme. It is not an extracurricular activity but a proper art education. We will involve students who have basic knowledge, interests etc, we will involve students by organizing exhibition.

Exhibition is a source of income so it will directly affect the stakeholders as they are also a part of this institute so they will also look for their benefits and if we will organize any kind of exhibition student will get a chance to expose their talents in front of viewers. The knowledge sharing totally based on arts where quality, competence, uniqueness and student interest will come in front which will increment the skills as well awareness of the institute in Emirati society.

Art is basically related with imagination and creativity and we can’t make anybody learn art in a close room and we need to visit different places like religious places, traditional places, hill stations, and nature’s creativity where one can get a deep breath of sense in imagining the aesthetics of mind and heart. It is not necessary that you will always express what you want to express in a paper but it is important that what you express also makes a sense and also has uniqueness in itself.

Teachers will be very friendly and thought process will be very broad for a teacher, sense of imagining will be very fast and a teacher will have strong imagination power. Children need an open place where he can think of creating something because a thought cannot come from a close window. It requires some sort of visualization which is possible only when he or she will get a chance to have a look of this world’s beauty made by god. Values and beliefs will come from this place to reflect the thinking and history of art to connect the emotions of what they have expressed. There will be an outing for students and teacher will also participate when any course and quality games took place for children and for their needs because it will give them strong determination, positive attitude and high energy in terms of expressing their views and skills.

The research has been done on the basis of potential students who are willing to draw something and who are really interested to express something from their sense, likes etc. In our research we found that our students need to enhance their performance and skills so we decided to arrange workshops, exhibitions, cultural programmes, classes for talent development etc plus we have also decided to arrange special classes for students who want extra and special techniques to learn and to create the projects by using visual arts. From our research we have gather information like our student wants to make visual arts their profession which we will help in different forms to our students. There were students who don’t like to have curriculum and academic education but they have talents in paintings, in creativity, in arts and drawings and they seriously want to choose arts as their profession and we feel that we can be of really help to them who heartedly wants to learn and grow.

Thus organization will equally need this process of innovation to define their goals successfully and to achieve the high profits.