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When we talk about goals and objectives, we focus on certain key areas to define these two terms: goals define the well written target and ambition to achieve something very successfully, goals is important for performance because without goals, one cannot achieve the level of success. One needs to have certain goals and objectives for achieving their targets.

When we talk about one art school who is establishing its goals and standards as well its objectives to achieve the plan it needs to define certain key areas, certain parameters.

Setting up of any business requires a proper planning and setting up an art school also requires lot of things to think from the cup of children to the cup of teachers in between there is a huge difference to take the students to teachers because students can reach teachers only if they get the opportunities, only if they get the proper guidance.

From land to infrastructure there requires a planning process to continue in each step of the foundation of the school so firstly it will require a surveys, questionnaire, marketing research to continue for knowing the information about the students, for knowing the skills and talents of the students, the talents is merely not enough so the level of interest will be the major criteria at the time of research and the students need a teacher who can motivate them in all the sense. The student requires training, a space for imagination, a location for motivation and an atmosphere which can soothe their quality of the art.

A bunch of teachers / good faculties who has skill in the same field that is an art field is required by our potential students. The training will be given from basic to top level as per the capability and grasping attitude of children. The selection of student will be based upon several factors like their attitude, hard work, determination and the willingness of achieving the best and to create a difference in the world.

Land is a major issue which needs to be resolved and it also requires a proper planning which should be free in size as it is the major concern because this land will be use in establishment of an art school so it needs to be safe from children point of view and it should be good in its size so the architecture can focus on buildings.

Location / Atmosphere: The location / the atmosphere of the institute will be very open, very healthy, clean green, peaceful so the children can concentrate in their work, in their arts and can imagine of high thought process and can make the difference by their high potential. The location should be environment friendly and environment should be bestowed with natural resources so the students can think of great beauty and aesthetics and can express the environment beauty in their arts. It should not be so far from the student’s residence because it will create lot many difficulties for students to travel and if the institute is placed outside the location and outside the residence of students then the institute will provide bus facilities to those students and for their easiness and availability.

There should be special care and measure that needs to be given to all the students. The good characteristics define that it should provide pure guidance to their students so that the students can get attracted and impressed as well the behavior of a teacher matters lot whether they are able to make them learn and retain them well or not. The thought process is very much unique and students don’t feel upset regarding this.

Student as well as teacher’s satisfaction has the greatest impact on both current batch and future batches.

This study has a clear set of following objectives:

Introduce a new art institute by knowing the interest from the students

a) About the actual requirements

b) Faculty loyalty and potential students

c) Communication channel through which they connect with the world.

d) From where real satisfaction comes?

e) Ethics and Culture of the people

f) Create an imagination power

g) Increase thought process

h) Make a difference

i) It will develop the creative thinking and the skills of the children who have potential in visual art. They will experience the culture and can be resilience in their activities of potential which will make them more liable to take next step and resolve their problems by respecting others. It is also about excitement because people have only one life, only one time, only one chance to shine their potential by evaluation, by taking a step in a right time and make a right decision.

This institution has defined that there should be certain key areas, certain parameters which needs to be determined and needs to be fulfilled for success.