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What is work environment?

WORK ENVIRONMENT is a place where an employee spends his or her more than a day which provides them which should be energetic, relaxing, friendly, atmospheric, green surroundings and also it should be very much comfortable for an employee to work in.

Suppose we are taking an example of HDFC bank and trying to make this clear what is work environment and how it exactly should be?

This bank focuses on the values that are customer-driven; HDFC focuses on product leadership, operational excellence and people. The organization is committed towards providing better working environment, technical skills and efficiency. Mr. Deepak Parekh who is a founder of this organization provides his best to all his members and contributes a key role in our Indian economy. The main thing which focuses by the people of any organization is its values and that maintained by their old employees from the starting till its continuation because it is not new so HDFC people and its employees follow the values of his director who have maintained it from a very long time.

Now let me define the work environment which focused by HDFC bank:

1. Customer driven: HDFC is focusing on customer satisfaction; they deliver their best services on time and with high quality, accurate speed, safety and security. They are mainly customer-oriented.

2. Product leadership: Special loans launched for an automobile sector by HDFC. Best product provided at best price through this esteemed organization.

3. Operational excellence: Safety and security always on the main importance. Different departments are provided for specific activities and purpose (for example: for cash deposit and withdraw – operation team for loan purpose there is a team who operate in loan activities only.) information department helps in resolving all the issues and concerns of its customers. Third party products like insurance, credit cards, de-mat accounts services are also provided. Customer care department, grievance redressal cell takes care of any kind of customer complaints and queries.

4. People: The company hires people who are more focused, determined, dedicated have the objectives and goals related to their work and to the company. They provide special training programs and activities which increases the skill set of the employees. Special care and initiative is taken towards women employees. Team building exercises, activities are organized at regular intervals.

Impact of the work environment:

HDFC being the top most private sector bank has set up a standard for itself to provide the best working environment and work culture. Committed to highest level of ethical standards, professional integrity, corporate governance and regulatory compliance it has benchmarked itself to international standards. Great workforces look forward to HDFC bank to work with. Competitive environment, work appreciation and recognition provide a growth opportunity. Professional and friendly relationship among the employees results in company growth. This work-culture provides a dynamic personality to employees as well its environment which has a positive role and positive energy to its organization.

Level: Level is the main thing which identifies the position which leads the responsibilities played by an individual. Level is given by a Human resource as per the qualifications of its employees.

culture is an important role in this organization and it always understands the culture and that’s why they advertise their brand and products by very good and very well done message appeal which spread over people. In the festive seasons they always distribute gifts to their employees’ customers’ suppliers in occasions like deepawali, New year eve etc. They try to make their people realize about the culture which really send some positive energy and people feel the freshness and home in that beauty by this organization. Thus culture plays an important role.

To continue with work and job that is to manage the duties and responsibilities effectively and honestly, the level is organized by the management so the work gets divided as the role means the specific job is done by the specific person and there are different levels as follows:

Management trainee who works under assistant manager and becomes the assistant manager after a working a tenure of about six months to one year then as per his experience and great amount of performance and flexibility he reaches to the next level that denotes him the position of deputy manager as per his skills knowledge and experience. His posts go on increasing as he gets more responsibilities to handle and lead then he takes the position of manager, senior manager and finally after a long struggling time which judged by him and after walking a long distance he achieves the position of deputy vice president which helps him to grow and develop but there is always a BUT in our life yet there is a hope it’s true but he needs to continue which can make him satisfy throughout the life.