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Managers and leaders both are the important parts in the company. When we talk about managers we talk about the person who is managing people and when we talk about leaders we talk about the person who is leading the people means by the help of planning, communicating, dividing, managing, implementing and so on.

1. Managers need to identify their styles and characteristics of leadership. They need to rate their level of experience from the past experience. When they rate their level of experience they the naturally focused relationship talks about the high score of the manager and the low score talks about the task focus behavior of him.

2. They need to identify the situation whether it requires the structured task? Whether it requires a strong power in the team or it requires a low power in the team?

3. They need to determine the most effective styles of leadership that might relate to the fact that the style should be well affected in terms of structured team to focus on the defined model of theory. The manager’s position should be high enough so can he discuss about the above defined model and he should possess all the strengths to fulfill this strategy.

The above statement speaks that all managers need not to be a leader because a role of a manager is to manage the team and to provide the team with the roles and responsibilities so they can perform well on time and before completion of the deadline. Manager never leads the team and him only sits in her place and give them with orders by his position to provide their teams with responsibilities. He has given a position of manager who has to manage the work and he uses his position, he uses his designation, he uses the authority to complete his job by dividing the work. But a leader talks about the power through which he influences his team and he manages the team properly by diving their work by making its team understand about their work and about their job so as to complete within deadline. A leader needs to manage the work force if there is any problem or any concern as well as any issue with any of the member in his team, a leader needs to justify it very properly so he can manage the work and goals of the organization and can complete the organization.

A leader manage the team as well by knowing their members of the team, by handling the work given to the team, by defining their way of thinking for the completion of the work, by making a good and strong relationship with the team members, by managing the team with all the necessary instructions provided to them, by proper co-ordination and two way communication with the team.

So we come to the fact that all managers need not be a leader but yes, all leaders are needed to play a role of a manager. Managers need to know about the work updates, the present situation, the whole updates, and the activities of an employee to communicate effectively. It is a very difficult and a challenging task which says about the proper knowledge that needs to be known by the manager. The current situation in the organization should be well known by a manger to discuss with ideas and implementations in the organization because the level of communication matters when there is no proper knowledge to the manager. If the manager has no updates about the work going in an organization, if the manager does not have any idea about the current situation in the organization he would not be able to communicate effectively and properly.

If we take the example of a good leader we can take the example of Mahatma Gandhi who use to lead the people with love, he was very simple who use to rule people with all the freedom and he is the classic example to understand the fact and when we talk about aggressive leader who is strict we talk about Hitler by whom we understand the strictness, people only understand his level of strictness but his way of representing himself is very unique, he is a great example of profession which can be seen by his style of expression and clothing.