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We cannot market sales (Products/Goods) without services and we cannot market services without tangible. Service sector means to provide to provide supply to consumer as per their needs and satisfaction.

Offered services are generally through different types of products which can be selected by the consumer just like when a person visit at automobile sector for testing a test drive before purchasing a car.

As we have defined earlier we cannot market sales without services so, Service is very important for starting any business because consumer will first think about comfort ability and reliability of a product’s service whom he willing to buy.

First as per question we need to define the there are two major type of service sector: Profit and Non- profit (Voluntary) service industry.

There is also required a customer service to fulfil the requirements and concerns of the customer to achieve the organization goals.

Low CCS Businesses High CCS Businesses

Worker Skill: In case of High customer contact service business there is an active support and participants of workers they are very efficient in communicating and interacting with the clients. Example: Stanford School. The level of interaction with parents is different compare to low level contact service business. In case of Fortis hospital and in case of normal hospital there is a huge difference of interacting level means worker involvement is different and obviously salary part would be different that soundly speaks about the brand. Brand values and it matters but in low CCS business we are not able to see that skill and sound knowledge there is neither reputation nor status.

Capacity utilization : In case of High CCS business product range is high product innovation is present ,complain of product design is high so complain concern gets resolved very easily and vastly ,there is a high maximum capacity utilization but in case of low CCS business Complaint rate is not high. For example: in case of blackberry its high for complain concern to get resolve but not in airtel.capacity utilization is just to the point means to complete the work not to complete it attractively its average.

Level of automation increases feedback and result. it also increases performance work load operator awareness and activities handling improvements building technologies network connections which matches all the requirements in high CCS business but in low CCS there is no mean and it does not feel like the needs and necessity. For example in Siemens.

Intangibility plays a role of an asset mean goodwill and commitment dedicated by the company. This is basically measured in terms of the behaviour and reputation of the company and its people so that the buyers get attracted after making his perception as per what the company made him to think about. The buyer decides to buy from any particular organization as per he have heard about the goodwill of the company. There can be a positive status if the buyer has got the good word of mouth about that organization.

Inseparability defines the scenario at which when the consumer feels the experience of his purchase in real touch means to say “when the buyer touch something and feel its beauty before deciding it to purchase.” For example: we can a about a lipstick when a woman go to cosmetics shop and asks for lipstick. They actually apply it and feel the essence of its beauty then its smell, colour, design, brand matters but look wise she can feel the products quality very easily. So inseparability is the state where a buyer can experience the taste of goods prior to purchase and delivered at home.

Perish ability defines about the services which is not used and waste if they are not purchased on time. There is an opportunity and if it is lost it cannot come again like it means if in a particular shop in terms of weather if we see that if it is winters and there are no such purchase of summer clothes, what the business people exactly do. They sell their products which is not good and perfect in terms of discount and sale.

Variability is the term defined for the marketer or a sales people too much. It defines about the punctuality they manage in their work if they have committed any client to provide the services after sales then he should obviously maintain their promises as well as commitment. It is for the happiness and satisfaction given to the customer which decides their scores, rating points and feedback which is very much helpful for a sales people. Suppose a person have bought a DELL laptop and for its service he calls to the sales people for its repair service then he will definitely need this rating system which will help them to for a variability future royal and prospect customers.