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The role of human resource management is very important in the organization because it is a motivating factor for team, when any team when any person suffers from any problems, when any person has any issues or concerns about the company he or she is working on, then they directly can go to the HR which says that HR needs to be practiced well so it can resolve the issues of all the concern person, all the employees and all the clients. The best practices in HR are important for the best achievements and goals in the organization. and enthusiastic at work place and they will be able to work more which is important and beneficial from both point of view, from the company perspectives also and from the employee perspectives also. HR will try to create a homely environment in the work place which will make everyone happy at the work place.

HR should introduce the concept of sharing the knowledge about each activity in the organization with the employees which will provide the best motivation and enthusiasm to its employees. It will create the best culture in the organization and there will be no miscommunication and conflicts in the organization. It will help the HR and its people to make the trust and maintain the good relationship with each other in the company. It also helps in achieving the objectives and goals of the company clearly and on the right time with all the abilities.

HR should understand about the working level of each employee, HR should understand about the salary part as well as incentives which needs to given to each of the employee, HR needs to focus on the bonus in the festive seasons to each of the employee as per their job duties and responsibilities and their tenure level in the company. HR should understand about the additional work if any employee does extra work and perform better, if somebody is the high performer in the company. HR needs to determine the payout and performance appraisals for each of the employee in the organization to achieve the goals of the organization.

HR needs to think about some new concepts which will define the level of freedom the employees have in the organization in terms of expressing their views, in terms of discussing and exposing their ideas and opinions, in terms of providing the feedback, in terms of clearly communicate all the issues and problems as well as concerns to HR and also can associate with some new ideas and innovations if any employee thinks is good about. It will create the positive energy and positive re-enforcement.

HR should create a rating system in the organization for voting the correct employee for the organization, for selecting the right candidate which will determine the performance of the employee in the organization. It will encourage the people who are working in the organization and also it will create a competition in the environment and in the work place so employees will feel more energy in their working attitudes.

HR should also think about motivating its employees by arranging different types of fun activities and different types of reward ceremonies which will help them in achieving the level of energy. These motivation techniques like reward and recognition ceremonies will create an extra energy for the people in the work place because it will make them feel they are important in the organization and they are really valued about. So HR should implement this practice as well for the benefit of both the employees as well as the organization.

HR should also circulate all the information in the front of the team or departments. There should be no information hidden to any of the employee and there should be no partiality in the organization. HR should implement the strategy of equal participation and equal opportunity disclosure which will help them to maintain good and long time relationship with the employees.

Thus HR should focus on these above points for betterment of the organization and for the achievements of goals and objectives.