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Value Actualisation:

Core values developed through an organisation must be internalized through all members so as to bridge the gap among the value system of the individuals and the overall. In the absence of conscious effort to develop shared value system, the employees will continue to adhere to their archaic value system derived from the old assumptions, or through the pre-dominant value system prevalent in their socio-cultural milieu. In either case, the organisation will not be able to optimally channelise the energies and efforts of its members towards purposive action.

Although organisations have been quick to realize the implication of value driven responses, and have therefore articulated their core values, adherence or internalization of those values on the elements of the employees still remains an illusion. Since of abstract nature of values, employees frequent find it difficult to provide concrete shape and translate them in their day to day activity, divided as they are along the lines of function, hierarchical levels, nature of product and services'.  It is advisable thus within the overall framework of the corporate value system that every department, every function and identifiable product or service group must develop operational values relevant to the demands of their task and their respective contexts.

What should be the core values in a power utility? Managing the operation and maintenance of equipment to ensure good quality power supply, avoiding commercial losses, instilling confidence in customers about correct billing, prompt redressal of grievances and above all giving them sympathetic hearing should be the minimum core values.

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