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Principles of Corporate Governance Philosophy:

Xerox, Enron and Arthur Anderson are some of the biggest names in business that have failed in adhering to corporate governance and the norms of business ethics. The Corporate governance is attracting the concern of investors and the public in general. Organisations are needed to comply along with legal requirements; communities ensure respect for people, and the environment. A good example of such an initiative is of an NGO known as Parivartan that has decided to promote openness in governance. It empowers the citizens to access government files through incredibly simple mechanisms of filling a form and submitting it to the department concerned. The Right to Information Act could also be seen as a step forward in this direction.  In the power sector, BSES and NDPL are good examples of better corporate governance. Box is an exhibit of the corporate governance philosophy of InfoSys International Inc.'s principles. Can it be applied to your utility?

Box: Principles of Corporate Governance Philosophy of InfoSys International Inc.

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