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Articulate core values:

Values are derived from the basic assumptions held through a group of people about themselves, others and the world. They give a framework enabling individuals to prioritise their actions, make a choice of options, and determine preferred ways of responding and distinguishing among desirable and undesirable responses.   Values thus influence all our decisions and actions and have a self-prophetic impact on our being.  Given its meaning, it is obvious that unity of action amongst employees towards the common reasons of the organisation cannot be achieved unless they adhere to a general set of values.

Values operate at three levels: individual, organisational and socio-cultural.

At individual level, values tend to differ in terms of their importance and intensity. Each individual thus develops a hierarchy of values. Individuals belonging to the same socio-cultural milieu might differ in terms of their value system.  Socio-cultural value systems are derived from the primary belief about the nature of society and its relationship along with environment.   It has its historical roots in cultural traditions and heritage of the society and in its triumphs and trials.   Likewise an organisation designed through people develops its own value system arising primarily out of compulsions to survive as a viable entity.

Most organisations articulate core values such as quality, human resource development, customer satisfaction, environmental protection, human dignity and respect, technological development, social responsibility, etc.

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