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Variants Of AIS - The Psycho-Clonal Algorithm

The Psycho-Clonal Algorithm

On referring the evolution of artificial immune systems on the track as same to that of human improvement, Psycho-clonal algorithm is investigate. In Psycho-clonal algorithm the novel feasible antibodies are constantly initiated to make a boarder exploration of search space and put off the saturation of the population along with same antibodies. Its feature inherits a unique capability of staying the diversity of population. Evolution of the Psycho-clonal algorithm is shown in diagram. It clearly depicts the sequence whether Maslow's needs or requirements are fulfilled one-by-one.


                                   1551_The Psycho-Clonal Algorithm.png

                                            Figure: Flowchart Illustrating Psycho-Clonal Algorithm

Need Level 1: Psychological Needs

Explaining a problem-specific objective function is pre-requisite. A randomly produced initial population of antibodies depending on the problem- environment is essential also.

Need Level 2: Safety Needs

Now, the initial population is exposed to threats posed by antigens.

2.1: Randomly pick an antigen Agj from population Agm and shown it to all antibodies Ab.

2.2: find out the vector fk from objective function, which contains the affinity of Agj to the entire N, antibodies (Ab's) in the set Ab.

Need Level 3: Social Needs

Now, interaction is carried out among antibodies with a vision to recognize the relation along with each other.

3.1: From randomly produced set Ab, choose n highest affinity antibodies and create a new set Ab k,n of high affinity antibodies in concern to the Agj.

3.2: at this time the new composed antibodies' set is cloned proportional to their antigenic affinities, producing a repertoire Ck of clones. The higher the number of clones, higher the antigenic affinity produced for each n chosen Ab's.

Need Level 4: Growth Needs

Set Ck is presented for hyper-mutation, inversely proportional to the antigenic affinity, generating a population C*k of matured clones or the smaller the mutation rate, the higher the affinity. After satisfying the 4th desires level, this is necessary to confirm 2nd need level, once again for these entities, like they are new denizens of society. Thus, they should be exposed to the threats and properly estimated according to objective function.

Need Level 5: Self-actualization Needs

At last replace the d lowest affinity Ab's from Abd and select the best in between them to fulfill the self-actualization level. As like mentioned above, such level as stronger and stronger after a number of generations. Hence, the process is continuing till N = Ngen. As Maximum number of generation

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