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Instruction Naming Conventions:

The mnemonics assigned to the instructions are designed to indicate the function of the instruction. The instructions fall into the below described functional categories:

Data Transfer Croup

The data transfer instructions move data among registers or between memory and registers.

MOV    Move

MVI     Move Immediate

LDA      Load Accumulator Directly from Memory

STA      Directly Store Accumulator in Memory

LHLD    Directly Load H and L Registers from Memory

SHLD    Directly Store H and L Registers in Memory

An 'X' on the name of a data transfer instruction implies that it deals along with a register pair (16-bits);

LXI       Load Register Pair along with immediate data

LDAX    Load Accumulator through Address in Register Pair

STAX    store up Accumulator in Address in Register Pair

XCHG   Exchange H and L along with D and E

XTHL    Exchange Top of Stack along with H and L Arithmetic Group

The arithmetic instructions subtract, add, increment, or decrement data in registers or memory.

ADD     Add to Accumulator

ADI      Add Immediate Data to Accumulator

ADC     Add to Accumulator by Using Carry Flag

ACI       Add immediate data to Accumulator by Using Carry

SUB      Subtract from Accumulator

SUI       Subtract Immediate Data from Accumulator

SBB      Subtract from Accumulator by Using Borrow (Carry) Flag

SBI       Subtract Immediate from Accumulator by Using Borrow (Carry) Flag

INR      Increment particular Byte by One

DCR     Decrement particular Byte by One

 INX      Increment Register Pair by One

 DCX    Decrement Register Pair by One

DAD     Double Register Add; Add Content of Register

              Pair to H and L Register Pair

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