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Some Key Change Themes:

The winds of change presently bring along with them the inklings of happenings tomorrow, by many-a-times it is hard to tell whether there are storms in the offing or pleasant breezes to soothe our lives. Predicting future is indeed a tricky business. Therefore, we required to have a futuristic perspective to be able to introduce constructive change in our businesses. We should also have some broad know of what factors bring about change in a society. Needless to say, in the present times, one such significant factor is the availability of high quality services/products at affordable costs any place, any time. In fact, early providers are invariably the leaders and reap advantages if they manage customer satisfaction on these counts.

Changes within businesses are being brought about through the following key concerns:

  • Customers' demand to provide them along with products and services as per their requires, in the shortest possible time and at their convenience, that is, at any time and at any place. There are several examples of this kind of change, ranging from pocket calculators, mobile phones to computers. While in the 1960s, computers occupied big buildings, the similar capabilities are now available in laptop and palmtop computers and indeed on a few models of mobile telephones.
  • Growing customer awareness and their desire for related intangible advantages, e.g., peace of mind, a life free of hassles and tensions stemming from the purchase of services and products. For example, a company that provides prompt complaint grievance redress also gives the customer some peace of mind that is valued equally through him/her. People don't really buy goods and services. They buy a value - something they value.
  • The enterprise giving the value is able to share economics along with the customer through using as little matter as probable in the preparation of the goods or services. Presently, the use of automation and materials technology has decreased the amount of processing and actual material needs for providing goods and services. These are being produced faster and cheaply, and with less final bulk and weight. All this competitive benefits is encapsulated in the phrase 'no matter'.


'No matter' as a concept also involves the role of the disposable, by we have to watch its impact on the environment. There are throwaway razors, diapers, pens, cameras, etc. The idea of no matter also covers the idea of the invisible purpose behind a sale. A Perceiving it opens up opportunities of lateral thinking and additionally beneficial modify. It is all a question of tangible products fulfilling intangible requires. Such ideas could transform a business as these emphasise on the effectiveness of outcomes further to the efficiency of inputs.

  • Mass customization implies giving the customer along with precisely what s/he needs - something which is non-standard, yet could be produced on the standard line (that produces goods of standard size, weight or other needs). Technology now permits this - it needs only a change in computerised instructions.
  • Improvement in quality and reduction in cost are significant drivers of change. To an organisation, productivity has meaning if people value its products. And citizens support the product if they get value for their money.
  • Our concern for the environment has also driven modify within the way we conduct our business. Here, power produced through renewable sources is certainly better than that produced through fossil or nuclear fuels. Therefore, switching over completely to these resources might not be probable in the near future. Other than the governments & power utilities of the world over are aware of these concerns and trying to switch over to cleaner technologies.
  • Invention and use of latest technologies has the biggest impact on business, industry and society within determining the pace and nature of change. We have described here some factors and the changes likely to take place in future.


We would also want to provide you a glimpse of the modifications expected in future in the world of work.

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