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Determinants of Motivation:

The traditional approach in which a person could be made to work through monetary rewards has been gradually providing place to a more complete pluralistic explanation which recognizes that an individual works to fulfill a variety of needs. It is recognized that the motivation is the result of the subsequent three groups of factors:

i)  Individuals: To know what could motivate employees, we must know their goals, objectives and values. Human requires are both numerous and complex, and frequent it is difficult to identify them. Motivation is not a simply observed phenomenon. We have to first observe individual action and behaviour at work and interpret the similar in terms of the underlying motivation. Our interpretation may not necessarily reveal the individual's true motivation, as some of the human requires may be difficult to identify and describe.

ii)  Organisational Components: organisational structures, technological system, physical facilities, that constitute internal environment of an organisation, affect motivation. A few machines are more interesting to work along with than others or certain kinds of work might be boring to several persons; job-connected experience of a worker determines motivation.

iii) External or Exogenous Variables: A worker's life outside the factory is also a significant factor affecting his motivation or willingness to work inside the factory. Life at work and life outside the work are bound together. Troubles and joys of off- job life cannot be put aside while reporting for work, nor could the factory matters be dropped while returning home after work. A strong motivational role is also played by culture, customs and norms, images and attributes conferred through the society on particular jobs. An individual, for example, might search that his/her work commands a substantial degree of respect and social acceptance quite apart from carried a position in a particular organisation, and so s/he may be more willing or motivated to perform such a work.

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