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Hierarchical Computer Manufacturing Control

Via a solitary computer system the entire plant is controlled with a huge master control program, consisting of lots of subprograms. An alteration in one subprogram frequently affects another task, as a lot of programs are interrelated. The mere size of the program also and the system build troubleshooting time discouraging and consuming. As well as the initial investment is extremely high in solitary system and this is usually complicated to justify an installation of size. For this purpose, a hierarchical control concept is enhanced, as per to which the control task is subdivided into different control modules serving various manufacturing functions. The given rules should be observed while allocated control tasks to various hierarchical levels as:

(a) Higher levels control a superior part of the manufacturing system.

(b)The decision process at higher levels is very complicated.

(c) Along with increasing hierarchical level, the speed of information flow inside an single control loop decreases.

(d) At higher levels the number of tasks to be performed via the computer increases.

The individual levels of control are discussed as given below.


Control at Operative Level or Plant Control Control at the Supervisory Level or Corporate Level
Control Level or Plant Floor Control Machine Control
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