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Eight Dimensions of Quality:

Let us briefly explain each of these.

1.  Performance: A product's primary operating features. Examples are automobile acceleration and a television's picture clarity.

2.   Features: Supplements to a product's basic functioning features, such as power windows on a car.

3.   Reliability: A probability of not malfunctioning during a specified period.

4. Conformance: The degree to that a product's design and operating features meet established standards.

5.   Durability: A measure of product life.

6.   Serviceability: The speed and ease of repair.

7.   Aesthetics: How a product looks, feels, tastes, and smells.

8.   Perceived quality: As seen by a customer. Total Quality Management implies adherence to:

  • ISO 9000 - a set of quality standards created through the International

Organization for Standardization through those firms can be certified;

  • Statistical Quality Control (SQC) - a set of statistical techniques which could be used to monitor quality; involves acceptance sampling and in-process sampling.
  • Benchmarking

-          The procedure of learning how and what other firms do in an exceptionally high-quality manner.

-          TQM Tools and Techniques.

  • Outsourcing

-          Subcontracting operations/services to those who could do them cheaper and/or better.

-          Speed the time required through the organization to get something accomplished.

  • Quality

-          The totality of features and features of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.

-          Quality is both an associative and absolute concept.

-          Quality is relevant to both products and services.

  • Productivity

-          Quality enhancement programmes decrease the number of defects, decrease resources dedicated to rework, and decrease require for inspectors as employees become responsible for quality.

  • Costs

-          Improved quality decrease costs from customer returns, warranty, and lawsuits for faulty products, and lost sales to future customers.

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